New president elected at Longarone Fiere Dolomiti

Michele Dal Farra is the new president of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti
For past president Bellati: ‘the right person at this time, in terms of experience and ability’.

The Shareholders’ Meeting of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti was held today, Friday 4 November, with the renewal of the Board of Directors on the agenda. Michele Dal Farra, proposed by the Province of Belluno and selected through a call for expressions of interest, was elected President. Joining him on the new Board are Chiara Bortolas for the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso and Belluno, and the newly elected Alberto Bortoluzzi for the Municipality of Longarone, Veronica De Lorenzi for the Unione Montana Cadore Longaronese Zoldo and Claudio Olivier for the Pro Loco of Longarone.
In thanking Bellati, the new president, Michele Dal Farra, highlighted for him ‘a responsibility, that of taking up the extraordinary feat of having brought Longarone Fiere Dolomiti this far. We have a changing exhibition market, well before covid, that sees fewer and fewer companies operating and these companies are small businesses. We were moving towards large aggregations. Then covid came along and massacred the turnovers of service companies and massacred, and this is what we should work hard on, the system of relations with our stakeholders. We face this new challenge with optimism, knowing that the Longarone Fair is a piece of history of this province. It has made so many small and medium-sized companies grow and so we are ready to build the other piece of the future in the equally glorious way it has been in the past’.
While past president Gian Angelo Bellati commented on his four years here at the fair: ‘They have enriched me professionally, but they have also enriched me from the point of view of human relations, of contacts with people, which in this area are wonderful. This fair is also wonderful. I am delighted with this handover to a person who I believe is the right person at this time. For the kind of experience, ability and approach he has, a very optimistic and constructive approach, which is essential. Because in leaving this fair I say that we can make all the mistakes we want, but the Longarone Fair must remain’. While underlining the collaboration of all the members, he particularly wanted to make an appeal to the public members: ‘we must help the fair to resist, even in these post covid moments that are in any case heavy, because the fair is a determining factor in attracting intelligence, in attracting knowledge, in attracting money as well, and in also going against that phenomenon of depopulation that is terrible in this area of Belluno. So I close this experience with enormous joy. I always say that some fairs are fairs of the heart, of feelings, and it is not just money that rules. This is the strength of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, but I am very happy to close these years that have enriched me so much, I have learnt so much, but the human relationships will continue. Also with the new President to whom I wish every good and every success for the good of this wonderful territory and these wonderful people here in Belluno’.

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