Pastry and ice cream: training is growing in Longarone with the new laboratory

The collaboration with Longarone Fiere Dolomiti and trade fairs such as HoReCa and MIG is fundamental for motivation, orientation and for the State Exam.

The new pastry and ice cream laboratory at the “D. Dolomieu ”of Longarone in the presence of numerous authorities and both school and professional representatives.

For the Vice President of the Province of Belluno, Lucia Da Rold “today is an important day. This Institute is a flagship for the whole province, which also gives important professional opportunities at the end of the cycle of studies. As a Province we are very satisfied with this and with the important collaboration that has been created over the years with the Institute, with the Headmaster, with the professors, precisely to provide students with a good educational offer “.

Great satisfaction from the Headmaster Violetta Anesin: “The Pastry Laboratory is yet another of a series of workshops that we are building for our children. Our mission is to give training, to give professionalism to students who then go to a productive context, where there is a huge need for professionalism like the ones we are building now. Every day we have testimony from professionals, from people in the food and wine sector who ask us for graduates, who really need our students. So for us the job is just to give all the training tools and allow the kids to exploit their passion to get the best results from a professional point of view “.

The teacher. Anesin also highlights the important collaborations and fundamental contributions that make a broad and high level of education possible for students. Heartfelt thanks that went from the teachers to the external experts, from the didactic secretariat that worked a lot to raise funds, to the Province that listened to the requests for the activation of new equipment up to the sponsors, many who allowed us to have different equipment on loan for use. “A group of people who have worked to achieve this result that we need precisely to give structure and support to the passion of our students”.

Also present at the inauguration was the Coordinator of MIG 2022, Dario Olivier: “The inauguration of this new pastry and ice cream laboratory demonstrates a great commitment on the part of the Dolomieu Institute aimed at training young people in gastronomy which also makes the Longarone Fair. Which has always collaborated with the institute and makes itself available for whatever help it can be in the training path of the young person who is about to learn a profession. In particular, Longarone Fiere Dolomiti organizes two fairs, Expo Dolomiti HoReCa and MIG, where young people have the opportunity to be placed in the working world for a few days, supported by pastry and ice cream masters who collaborate directly in their training. To young people I would like to say that food affects a large part of our senses. The sense of smell: food has a scent. Taste: Food has a taste. Sight: the food must be presented in an optimal way, so that the sight is also satisfied. And hearing: food must be told. It brings to excite those who eat the food who will be your future customer and who will receive emotions from the food. Emotions that will turn into a professional reward which, done in the right way, that is by combining knowledge with the passion that you will put into your work, will lead to great results, including economic ones “. The collaboration with Longarone Fiere is also “invaluable for the Headmaster. For us it is essential that students are always accompanied, and also in a certain sense exposed to this type of experience. Because all the collaborations we have done with Longarone Fiere, we have configured them within a path of ex-school-work alternation which is an activity, among other things, mandatory to have access to the state exam. Therefore, for our students, the activity at these fairs, on these occasions, is not only actually a very important tool for motivation and guidance, but also a tool for fulfilling the training course “. Anesin therefore gives an appointment in September for the inauguration of the new “welcome laboratory”. Then Dario Olivier underlines in closing that “Longarone Fiere Dolomiti is looking forward to hosting you at Expo Dolomiti HoReCa which will take place on 10, 11 and 12 October, and at the MIG – International Artisan Gelato Exhibition – which will take place from 27 to 30 November this year “.

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