PONTE winemakers expands: new building at Vinitaly to announce milestones and future goals

Turnover still growing, +7% for a total of 96 million euros,

EQUALITAS sustainability certifcation, super-performing e-commerce platform,

partnership with Red Bull GASGAS Tech3 in MotoGP™,

expansions, acquisitions and a limited edition for peace.

Vinitaly April 14-17, 2024. A further expanded and renovated building will be the new headquarters at the upcoming Vinitaly for Viticoltori Ponte, which continues to grow by putting to use winning strategies that result in consistently positive numbers year after year.

In fact, despite the fact that 2023 was a critical year, particularly due to the global political/economic situation, the company achieved the goals set at the beginning of the year by marking a +7 percent with turnover standing at 96 million euros. To be recorded a strong push in the domestic market flanked by a steady development of the North American market with a significant turnaround in Canada. Excellent signals come from new trading partners in the USA and China. Other Asian countries do not disappoint, especially Korea and Indonesia, as well as the FORMER USSR Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, which achieved increases of 50 percent. Important note regarding Australia which is giving excellent performance. The products driving the progression are the company’s cornerstones, Prosecco and Pinot Grigio, with an increasingly sudden escalation of Prosecco Rosé. All of this is even more valuable when you consider that it is made abroad with 50 percent own-brand compared to 24 percent in 2018 when the decision was made to invest in this direction.

Speaking of investments, the inauguration of the new automated warehouse with 5,000 pallet spaces in Ponte di Piave is near, part of a three-year plan that also included an increase in storage capacity to 60,000 hectoliters at the Caposile site and the acquisition of Cantina La Salute with a current storage capacity of about 15,000 hectoliters that is expected to be doubled with additional installations for the next harvests.

A journey lasting more than a year also led the Ponte di Piave Winery to be officially declared sustainable, thanks to obtaining EQUALITAS certification, which guarantees proper global development while respecting the environment and human rights. After careful analysis and thorough audits, CSQA, a leading public audit body in the “agriculture” and “food and beverage” sectors, certified that the sustainability management system of Viticoltori Ponte complies with the EQUALITAS SOPD standard, which was developed in coherence with the 17 goals (SDGs) established by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

ENVIRONMENTAL PILAST: proper use of environmental resources SOCIAL PILAST: respect for human dignity and rights ECONOMIC PILAST: economic well-being and equity

The aforementioned cornerstones encapsulate within them a set of requirements, also known as “Good Practices” (Good Vineyard Practices, Good Cellar and Bottling Practices, Good Socio-Economic Practices, Good Communication Practices), which merge synergistically to give rise to effective and sustainable operations. Such concepts have always resided in the DNA of Ponte, which in recent years has chosen to accelerate a path of improvement already successfully undertaken and aimed at ensuring an approach that is as ethical as possible, oriented toward the well-being of the worker and the environment.

For a proper management system and continuous improvement, along with Good Practices, “Environmental Indicators” intervene. In this sphere, among others, the company’s commitment to reducing its carbon and water footprint through the use of renewable sources – in particular photovoltaics, which exceed 1.5 MegaWatts of power – and the recovery of heat and water from refrigeration plants, assisted by a consistent increase in organic cultivation with the utmost respect for biodiversity, is proven. To seal all this, already another certification also recently acquired namely that of National Quality System of Integrated Production (SQNPI) issued by the Ministry of Environment Agriculture and Forestry, an additional protection for the consumer immediately identifiable by the bee logo on the label.

“Balances change rapidly,” comments Luigi Vanzella, General Manager Viticoltori Ponte, “reminding us that nothing can be taken for granted. Only the care of our Planet and a healthy coexistence, aimed at collaboration rather than annihilation, of all organisms can allow us to dream of a better future.”

Precisely in this direction is the constant expansion of the BIO line, which at the moment already consists of three wines of excellence: Prosecco DOC Extra Dry Organic, Pinot Grigio DOC delle Venezie Organic and Merlot IGT Veneto Organic, all from the flagship PONTE line.

Staying on the product axis, brand new is the Special Edition “for Peace,” a magnum of Prosecco DOC Extra Dry Treviso that invites inclusion, cohesion, sharing, in a positive and serene atmosphere. The label represents a sun rising to bring precisely peace, evoked by a multitude of colors reminiscent of its well-known flag, in its own interpretation consistent with the brand’s DNA. The different shades of the rays are a reference to the closeness between peoples and an invitation to harmony between individuals, peoples, and ethnicities.

Increasingly relevant is the role of Marketing and Communications, which in 2024 is planning a high-impact Press Campaign and an intensified presence on national TV, assisted by an intense social activity that makes use of new, highly distinctive and professional content. Among the various sponsorships, in addition to the historical partnerships with Imoco Volley, Treviso Basket and Miss Italia, Ponte1948’s participation in the most watched two-wheel championship in the world is even more solid and concrete, which this year consecrates a truly effervescent partnership. The winery is in fact as of now Sparkling Partner of Red Bull GASGAS Tech3, the French team led by Hervé Poncharal that in MotoGP™ will have at its disposal an RC16 with an all-new look and two young and ambitious riders but with already remarkable palmares, Augusto Fernández and Pedro Acosta. Moreover, thanks to the renewed partnership with Dorna, the track, podium and VIP Village of the Red Bull Grand Prix of San Marino and Riviera di Rimini, scheduled for September 6-8, 2024, will once again be signed Ponte1948, MotoGP™ Supplier in all categories, as well as at the Donington Park Uk Grand Prix (July 12-14) in WorldSBK. On the events front, upcoming “Aperitifs in the Cellar” as well as a calendar of appointments and tastings in some of the Group’s picturesque locations and in the five proprietary wine shops are being finalized.

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