Ponte1948: 2th of June, Italian Republic Day

Ponte1948: 2th of June, Republic Day

2 June, Italian Republic Day

And now, all together, let’s make our beautiful country great again

73 years have passed since the foundation of Viticoltori Ponte, which took place only a couple of years after the birth of the Italian Republic, but the date of June 2, 2021 symbolically marks a new birth for our company, accompanied by the same enthusiasm and the same values of once.

This pandemic has put the whole of humanity to the test, hitting us in an unexpected and ferocious way. An invisible and unstoppable attack, which managed to reach the heart of our communities.

“Italy is a democratic republic, founded on work.”, So reads the first article of the Constitution. In addition to the pain for the many victims of the virus, obstacles to work have questioned our very nature, destabilizing us like never before. All this, however, must not have happened in vain. Italy can now start again and we can and must ensure that it shines again, even more than before!

We help the economy of our country by choosing tourist destinations, shops, bars and restaurants, Italian products and services, we are a great people and together we will succeed. We at Ponte believe in it. Paraphrasing a lesser-known verse from Mameli’s hymn:

“We Italians have been for centuries
humiliated and dominated by other peoples,
because we are not a people
but we are divided between us;
we must gather under one
flag, in one hope;
the time has come to be all united”.

Ponte was born in 1948 from the tenacious will and ambition of a small group of winemakers who joined forces to face the difficult post-war years and reconstruction. Currently the winery has 1,000 families of winemakers for 3,000 hectares of land distributed throughout the Veneto. Ponte is one of the most important winery in Italy, spread between the provinces of Treviso and Venice, privileged areas of production of Prosecco Doc and Pinot Grigio Doc delle Venezie. Continuous control over the entire supply chain allows for clear traceability of the product and the guarantee of a constant quality standard. The passion of the Ponte winemakers enhances the purity of the fruits of nature with love and respect, creating a quality wine that inextricably binds man and his land.

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