PONTE1948: a cheers with Mum!

A jewel bottle to celebrate our mother on her feast day. An antique pink colour, elegant and delicate with precious reflections tending towards powdery, it is Ponte1948’s Prosecco Doc Rosé labelled Campe Dhei, like “small fields” in Veneto culture, but also like fields of the gods.

In other words, excellence in simplicity, for a wine that comes from a careful selection of the best grapes, cultivated in vines grown along the course of the Piave River, benefiting from a temperate climate, mitigated to the north by the Alpine arc and by the gentle breezes of the Adriatic to the south.

Enveloping and sinuous, it is fresh and pleasantly fruity, offering delicate citrine notes that are expressed with a symphony of hints of peach and delicious red apple, in which Pinot Noir, the undisputed protagonist of sparkling wine excellence, intervenes with its complexity. It loves the delicate combinations of the Mediterranean tradition, sushi and sashimi.

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