Ponte1948 in the best “Osterie” with Lele Marcassa

Prosecco Doc Treviso and Prosecco Doc Rosé star in the new TV format airing Friday, July 28 at 8:40 a.m. on Food Network, channel 33 of the Digital Terrestrial Television, and on the Discovery + platform

After Studio Aperto, SKY Tg24 and La7, PONTE1948 is back on TV on the Discovery + platform as part of the brand new program “Osterie,” which will feature the well-known host Lele Marcassa discovering the oldest and most characteristic osterie in the Veneto region.

Over the course of six episodes, the region is explored far and wide, from the waters of the Lagoon to the slopes of the Dolomites. It is precisely the extreme variety of the Veneto that is the real star of this format. Variety not only in landscape but also in gastronomy; moments of tasting traditional and modern specialties alternate in fact with special visits along the most interesting tourist itineraries in the area. Of course, the “key” to the trip are the taverns, keepers of the soul of the city or town, island, valley. In osterias people find refreshment during a trip or after a day’s work, meet, talk, enjoy a good wine and have lunch with a genuine and honest dish.

In “Osterie,” the gastronomic part is particularly taken care of, with the presentation in each episode of a main recipe and other “side” recipes, wanting to convey to all of Italy not only the culinary tradition of the Veneto, but also the complex of centuries-old histories that the dishes of the osterie and the great wines that accompany them carry. To further embellish the journey, in each osteria Lele Marcassa meets an illustrious local personality who has particularly distinguished himself or herself within the community, entering by right into its History.

Seated in front of a glass of wine at the osteria are cycling champions Silvio Martinello, Moreno Argentin and Alessandro Ballan, theater and film actress Ottavia Piccolo (among others, the Italian voice of Princess Leila from Star Wars), Paralympic ski champion Renè De Silvestro, sculptor Raul Barattin, pianist Alessandro Taverna and cartoonist Lele Vianello. Through picturesque glimpses and not-to-be-missed recipes, Lele Marcassa accompanies viewers through the magical scenery of the Veneto region, to be visited together or alone, but certainly making a stop at an osteria to savor all the flavor that only the Veneto region can offer.

The appointment with PONTE1948 is for Friday, July 28 at 8:40 a.m., which in two of the most representative taverns of the Lower Piave Valley will enliven diners’ tastings and stories with two of the winery’s iconic labels: Prosecco Doc Rosé Millesimato Brut, capable of seducing at the first taste, and Prosecco Doc Extra Dry Treviso, a best seller worldwide.

Numerous replays will then air throughout next fall-winter. Stay tuned!

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