Rosato is a serious matter: Giusti Wine introduces Rosalia Prosecco Doc Rosé

Rosato is a serious matter: Giusti Wine presents Rosalia Prosecco Doc Rosé
The debut wine of Graziana Grassini’s consultancy,

the first step of a great project to bring Montello wines to the world.

Nothing should be left to chance: this is the idea with which Rosalia Prosecco Rosé DOC was conceived, the first wine to be launched from the winery, the result of the advice of the internationally renowned expert Graziana Grassini. A wine that the Tuscan winemaker has been able to interpret with care and attention, without haste, giving the grapes time to express themselves at their best – and for this reason it is released in April, without following trends but rather respecting the needs of the wine.

«We have thought of a product made to last over time, stabilizing its color, aromas and perlage. – Says Graziana Grassini. “We started with grapes chosen in selected plots, and then we dedicated particular attention to color, with a blend with Pinot Noir in the presence of yeasts”.

The creation of a Prosecco Rosé DOC at Giusti Wine responds to the demands of the foreign market, which has always been dear to Ermenegildo Giusti, an entrepreneur from Montello who, after a life in Canada, decided to pay homage to his land by bringing its products to the world.

«We wanted a sparkling wine that lasts over time because Giusti Wine, since its foundation, has been addressing the world; – explains Ermenegildo Giusti. “This wine, like all the others in our range, is designed to travel and also offer overseas a perfect product after some time after leaving the cellar”.

Prosecco Rosé DOC is only the first step in the journey started with Graziana Grassini, chosen by Ermenegildo Giusti for her international sensitivity and great professionalism with the aim of giving an original interpretation to Montello wines.

The great challenge is linked to Asolo Prosecco DOCG, which will be released in September, and to the enhancement of the native Recantina variety which, according to the winemaker, has the potential of a great grape variety.

Rosalia Prosecco Rosé DOC Giusti Wine expresses pleasant and elegant hints of both yellow and red fruit on the nose: walnut, cherry and floral aromas of freshly opened rose. Initially it is fresh on a savory base; then the perception of pulpy softness and an aroma of ripe peach grows. It has a dry, intense and elegantly long taste. Perfect as an aperitif, it goes well with crudités and delicate fried fish and seafood, but also with more savory specialties such as Parma Ham.

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