Rubric San Valentino: the tale of the Prosecco Doc Rosé of Ponte1948

20 JANUARY 2021
Rubric San Valentino: the tale of the Prosecco Doc Rosé of Ponte1948
PONTE1948 – Prosecco Doc Rosé

From the romantic encounter between Glera and Pinot Nero
the dynasty, symbol of all lovers, is born.

Our scene opens in the beautiful Ponte di Piave,

where between two families of equal nobility
from ancient flavors we arrive at a new union,
what hands and hands he will see beating forever.

And from the ideal bunches of these two vines
a couple of lovers is born under a lucky star,
whose romantic story will convince, with their bodies,

also the skepticism of the scholars.

It is a beautiful and long love story that began years ago in the Ponte house from the encounter between two noble grape varieties, Glera and Pinot Nero, to give life to a completely new variety, with surprising organoleptic properties. When the new wine came to light, it was immediately clear that it was a predestined one and that its name would soon echo around the world, but its debut in society had to wait for the extraordinary union to be made official.
“This marriage has to be done” everyone repeated, so much so that the ceremony was finally authorized and so, on the occasion of his fourteenth birthday, the precious identity could be revealed:
Adorned with an elegant and delicate antique pink coat with precious blush-tending reflections, it is fresh and pleasantly fruity, giving delicate citrus notes that are softly expressed in a symphony of peach and delicious red apple. Enveloping, sinuous, it is able to seduce at the first taste. He loves the delicate combinations of the Mediterranean tradition, sushi and sashimi.
Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the original and authentic Prosecco Doc Rosé, the unique and inimitable progenitor of a new dynasty destined to bring luck and glory to all couples in love for centuries to come.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Prosecco Doc Rosé Millesimato Brut Ponte

TYPE OF WINE Sparkling wine
LOCATION OF THE VINEYARD Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions, in the areas dedicated to the DOC
PLACE AND TYPE OF SOIL Gravel soil, medium texture
GRAPE VARIETIES 85% Glera and 15% Pinot Nero
VINIFICATION Grapes harvested at the right degree of ripeness. Soft pressing in the cellar. Fermentation conducted at controlled temperature with carefully selected yeasts, followed by a slow second fermentation with the Charmat method for at least 60 days.
ALCOHOL 11% vol.
RESIDUAL SUGAR 11-13 g / l
ACIDITY 5.5 g / l
COLOR Elegant and delicate antique rose, with precious blush reflections
BOUQUET It is fresh and pleasantly fruity, giving delicate citrine notes that are expressed with a symphony of hints of peach and delicious red apple, in which Pinot Noir, famous and undisputed protagonist of sparkling wine excellence, intervenes with its complexity)
Ideal as an aperitif, superb paired with sushi and sashimi, but also shellfish and fish-based appetizers. It also recalls more delicate combinations such as vegetable couscous and light risottos of the Mediterranean tradition
STORAGE TEMPERATURE Between 15 ° and 20 ° C
TASTE A refined harmony between acidity and residual sugar emerges on the palate, balanced by the right flavor and embellished by an elegant and enveloping perlage

Ponte winegrowers

Viticoltori Ponte (, founded in 1948 with headquarters in Ponte di Piave in the province of Treviso, is one of the most dynamic and important companies on the international wine scene. It represents 1,000 members, with 3,000 hectares of vineyards, which extend from the north of Venice to the foothills of the province of Treviso, and about 15 million bottles produced. Present in over 30 countries around the world, Viticoltori Ponte guarantees for the entire range of its wines – from still to sparkling wines, from sparkling wines to organic – a high quality standard certified and testified by the numerous awards received from the most authoritative interlocutors in the sector.

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