Running Sunday with the Cansiglio Run

Three distances – 26, 16 and 7 kilometres – to discover one of the most evocative forests in Europe. Registration open until shortly before the start

Pian del Cansiglio (Treviso/Belluno) – A Sunday of running, or walking, in the heart of one of Europe’s most evocative forests.

The countdown begins for the seventh edition of the Cansiglio Run, a trail running event that on Sunday 11 June will run along the paths of the plateau on the border between the provinces of Treviso, Belluno and Pordenone, involving a large number of enthusiasts.

The 2023 edition of the Cansiglio Run will take place over three distances: 26, 16 and 7 kilometres. The routes will be suitable for the most diverse types of runners: from those who will run with an eye on the stopwatch, perhaps with the objective of a high-level technical performance, to those who instead will come to Cansiglio to enjoy the uncontaminated nature of the plateau, a precious setting that promises to offer fascination at every step.

You will run and walk, for the most part, on paths and forest roads: nothing particularly challenging. And all three distances will offer moderate altitude differences, within the reach of many. The routes have been designed by the former world mountain running champion, Maurizio Simonetti, who in these days, together with his friends from Running Team Conegliano, the event’s organising company, is putting the finishing touches to the race trails, which have been partially renewed with respect to the 2022 edition.

“This year we have unified the traditional Cansiglio Run in June with the Fregona Summer Trail, which last year was held at the end of July and in 2021 in September,” explains Simonetti. “The 26-km race will have a difference in altitude of about 800 metres. The 16-km race (also planned in the recreational-motor version, ed.) will be just over 500 metres. While the 7 km is practically flat. We want the Cansiglio Run to continue to be an event that is truly accessible to everyone: from the most advanced runners to simple walkers. It will be an opportunity to come and run at the 1,000-metre altitude of the plateau, enjoying a splendid natural environment, but it can also be a training session aimed at road activity, perhaps already thinking of half marathons and marathons in the second half of the year”.

Start and finish will be at the former Genziana refuge, in the Coldart area. Online registration, via the Endu portal, will remain open until 9 June. But they will also be possible on Saturday 10 (from 14:00 to 18:30) and Sunday 11 June (until shortly before the start) in the start area. With the weather promising to turn fine, it is likely that especially in the two non-competitive events there will be a large number of last-minute registrations. Further information can be found at

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