Sabbiato – discover the new wine from Le Manzane!

Le Manzane presents:
SABBIATO Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13
Limited Edition!

From our rolling hills, UNESCO World Heritage Site, a wine inspired by the slow passage of time and the cycles of nature.
The long rest in wood distinguishes a structured wine, enriched in balance and wisdom. Authentic in flavour and with a delicate bouquet of fragrances, Sabbiato is a refined unfiltered Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13 with a straw-yellow colour that knows how to accompany moments of conviviality with rare elegance.

✨ Incrocio Riesling Renano and Pinot Bianco grapes
✨ Structured thanks to long maturation in wood
✨ Vanilla notes, straw colour and aromatic fragrances

Pre-sales are officially open from today until Sunday 15 October: click here to reserve your bottles of Sabbiato exclusively and at a special price, available in the beautiful wooden or paper box.

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