Saturday inauguration of 44. Arredamont. Wood and Murer as protagonists

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the 44. Arredamont. The national exhibition of mountain furniture. In fact, the inauguration ceremony will be held next Saturday at 11.30 am. Numerous authorities are expected, but the guest of honour will be the Murer family as a sign of continuity of the centenary that commemorates the birth of the great Falcade sculptor Augusto Murer (1922-2022).

Arredamont has always been synonymous with a passion for wood, and even more so since 2018 when it shared with the territory the tremendous damage caused by hurricane Vaia. The woods and their extraordinary raw material, of great value, have linked the mountains of Belluno to Venice for centuries. A resource that could not be done without, and which people are returning to, because it is the basis of environmental sustainability and the great Green Deal revolution. Thus wood has always been valorised within the events of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, thanks to the exhibitors and also thanks to Arte in Fiera Dolomiti.
It is precisely art and sculpture that give this raw material a value that transcends the limits of time. In this, Augusto Murer was a great master. For this reason, on a unique occasion such as the centenary of his birth, we asked the Murer family to cut the ribbon at Arredamont. At this edition of Arredamont, in the traditional space reserved for Arte in Fiera, Artistic Director Franco Fonzo has provided splendid wooden works by Murer, thanks to the collaboration of the Falcade Museum. Other sculptures by today’s artists, such as Beppino Lorenzet and Barry Bona, will accompany him. But also works in glass and iron, ceramics and terracotta, as well as painting and photography, with a representative selection of more than 40 artists.
For a Arredamont that even more this year wants to be a manifestation of artis fertilitas. Where artists and craftsmen work matter to give the world something wonderful. Where the passion for working with wood and natural materials creates works that make visitors’ dreams come true, created not only with the hands but above all with the mind and heart… this is the soul of Arredamont.
Hence ample space for boiseries, new and traditional furniture, renovations with old wood and also constructions with new wood. Furnishing accessories that make the most of natural raw materials. Not only wood, but also stone, iron and wool worked in the mountain lands. Work and demonstrations from the great school of Italian upholsterers. And with the successful project ‘L’Artigiano sotto l’Albero’ (The Craftsman under the Tree), the small quality craftsmanship is immediately recognisable at the foot of a wooden structure in the shape of a tree.
Great expectations, therefore, for Arredamont, which will be open from 29 October to 6 November from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., except on 2, 3 and 4 November with reduced hours from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. (info and details on

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