School morning for ‘Hunting, Fishing, Nature’, children awarded for drawings on fish and waterways

On the fair’s closing day, also the report on the 2022-23 hunting season and the trophy exhibition

Attention to water resources and the protection of rivers and lakes. And then a pinch of imagination to convey what was learnt at school with pencils and colours. These are the pillars on which the ‘Adopt a watercourse, adopt a fish’ project was based, set up by the Federation of Fishing Basins – with Claudio Canova and Filippo Sitran – and supported by the Province of Belluno. A project that brought the fishermen to explain their activity among the stalls and became a drawing competition aimed at the youngest children, who were asked to sketch the inhabitants of the waterways. The competition had its highlight today, at Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, where the 340 drawings made by the children have been on display since Friday.

Five schools were involved, distributed throughout the province (the comprehensive school of Auronzo, the primary school of Calalzo, the comprehensive school of Fonzaso, the primary school of Lamon and that of Sovramonte). Prizes for all, thanks to contributions from the Province of Belluno, the Belluno Fishing Basins and the Veneto Region, and a bookmark representing the two most representative species of fish in Belluno, the marble trout and the grayling.
The school prizes saw a podium formed in order by Auronzo, Calalzo and Lamon. As for the classes, first prize ex aequo for the 5th class from Lamon, the 4th and 1st from Calalzo, the 3rd from Auronzo and the 2nd from Fonzaso. First prize was awarded to little Ortiniel from Calalzo, followed by Giovanni D’Agostino from Fonzaso and Tommaso Bergagnin from Auronzo.

In the morning, the Province’s wildlife office presented the report on the 2022-23 hunting season, which includes all 66 Alpine hunting reserves and the activities of 2,660 member hunters. The focus was on ungulates, whose population is estimated at 33,909 (13,168 roe deer, 12,265 red deer, 6,805 chamois, 1,671 mouflon). The harvest plan quantified the number of animals available at 6,544 (1,769 roe deer, 3,312 red deer, 794 chamois, 562 mouflon, plus 80 fallow deer): 82.6% was achieved, in line with the previous season.
Finally, the best trophies were awarded in the ‘Hunter’s Festival’ pavilion.

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