Snow itineraries: with snowshoes to the Cinque Torri

An itinerary of medium difficulty, lasting about 2 hours.
From Rifugio Scoiattoli, a privileged viewpoint from which to admire the Cinque Torri, we head left towards the small, slender Torre Inglese. After passing through the ‘tunnel’ formed by the Torre Quarta Alta and the Torre Quarta Bassa, you will come out right in the centre of the cluster of pinnacles, broken and toppled, a remnant of the gigantic primordial collapse of Monte Averau.

Leaving the Torri in an easterly direction, one finds oneself above the Rifugio Cinque Torri, and can admire some isolated stone pines, always peculiar in their shape, almost never linear, modelled as they are by the forces of nature. From the hut, descend along the little road for about 300m to the signposts for path 439 to “Cian Zopè”.

Following this path, you reach the “Cason de Claudio”, a typical mountain hut where you can stop and admire the spires of the Croda da Lago. Returning to path no. 439, continue along it, first skirting the “Boa di Cinque Torri”, and then enter the woods and reach a marked road that descends to “Cian Zopè (1732 m) and the Passo Falzarego road.

Access points: park near the Cinque Torri chairlift sign (approx. 12 km from Cortina) or take the chairlift up to the Scoiattoli Refuge. We recommend snowshoe hiking equipment, snowshoes and poles.


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