Success of the “Village in Pink,” in three days over 6 thousand passages at Longarone Fiere

Pedaling, museums, meetings, workshops: the format works and will be repeated for other major events

The curtain has come down on the Giro d’Italia, and Longarone Fiere Dolomiti is pulling the sums of the “Village in Pink,” which for three days served as the stage headquarters, with events, meetings, workshops, the exhibition of bicycle museums and festive evenings.

From Thursday to Saturday last week, in conjunction with the Giro’s two Belluno stages, the “Village in Pink” became an exhibition hall, thanks to valuable pieces from the Colnago Museum, the Cesiomaggiore Bicycle Museum and the Manifattura Valcismon collection. In addition, it hosted an important event by Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti on innovation and territory, with the spotlight on open innovation, in the presence of Sport System companies and as many as five start-ups; and then the crafts workshops curated by Confartigianato Belluno’s master craftsmen, dedicated to children and young people. Children and teens who drew their own Giro, in a contest that saw dozens and dozens of entries, and who enthusiastically participated in bicycle traffic education demonstrations with the Belluno and Longarone traffic police, earning more than 100 licenses.

For three evenings, the “Village in Pink” provided space for music parties and the big sports festival, with the awarding of prizes to Belluno athletes; not to mention the pink family pedal ride on the Sunday before the Giro and the climb in pink on Sunday 28, along the slopes from Longarone to Erto.

“In the three days it was open, the “Villaggio in Rosa” recorded more than 6,000 attendees,” explains Michele Dal Farra, president of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti. “These are very important numbers, enriched by the variety of those who came by: families with children, cycling enthusiasts, sportsmen and women, and even the merely curious. It means that the Fair can also be a valuable tool of the territory for the organization of events and logistics, thanks to the convenient and accessible facilities, easily accessible and with ample parking.”

For the occasion of the “Village in Pink,” the fair body has adapted Hall E to the regulations for public performances. “What we could call a ‘date zero’ worked and the format is replicable,” Dal Farra continues. “The sporting events that will come along with the 2026 Olympics and also in preparation for the Games are a great opportunity for our territory: Longarone Fiere Dolomiti is making itself available and is a candidate to be a platform for big events. Today people are often looking for post-industrial places as containers for events and activities of various kinds: the pavilions of Longarone Fiere, equipped with all the necessary facilities, can also respond to this taste, and the three days of Giro d’Italia have demonstrated the ability to organize.”

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