Sweetness and artisan knowledge in Longarone: Mig, the International Ice Cream Exhibition is back

Four days of exhibitions, conferences and competitions

Artisan ice cream meets at Longarone Fiere Dolomiti. The most traditional and eagerly awaited event dedicated exclusively to the cold dessert is back: Mig – Mostra Internazionale del Gelato – celebrates this year its 62nd edition with four days of exhibition (from 27 to 30 November), the first of which is open to the public. Over 130 company brands (from 12 Italian regions and 11 foreign countries) will be present at the fair, confirming the international leaders in machinery, equipment, semi-finished products, raw materials, furnishings and accessories for the artisan gelato business. On the operators and gelato makers front, several delegations from all over Europe, but also from many other countries.
And for enthusiasts (but also for gourmets) it will be an opportunity to taste the new flavours proposed by the ice cream makers’ associations, the products that will be launched in the coming months, or simply classic ice cream, perhaps prepared with innovative, green techniques, oriented towards environmental and energy sustainability. It is precisely this – attention to the environment and the fight against high energy bills – that will be one of the hottest topics at Mig 2022.
There will be no lack of novelties in the Longarone exhibition spaces. Such as the entrance to Mig of granita, the “cousin” of artisan ice cream. The “Arcipelago Sicilia” area will offer typical island granitas, as well as raising awareness of the climate change that is taking ice cream to latitudes never before explored. And then, space for therapeutic and medicinal ice cream, with Maurizio Valguarnera, a famous vegan ice-chef from Palermo.
Great space is also given to Mig’s consolidated appointments. From the Coppa d’Oro to the ‘Gelato a due’ competition (in which a chef and a master gelato maker propose a dish and a dessert based on gelato), from the Mastri Gelatieri award to the Confartigianato confectionery and chocolate stand, which will once again offer numerous demonstrations and the ‘Una Pralina in Gelateria’ competition.
In short, a rich and mouth-watering Mig. The inauguration will take place on Sunday, 27 November at 11.30 am. For the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia, will also be present. And precisely the Veneto region will have its own stand, where ice cream will be offered together with typical products, with regional excellences. The programme in detail at www.mostradelgelato.com

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