The 2023 Gravel World Championship officially starts at Ca’ del Poggio

Ca’ del Poggio (Treviso), 25 September 2023 – In the splendid setting of Ca’ del Poggio, the UCI Gravel World Championship 2023, the second in history, was officially presented, scheduled for 7-8 October. There could not have been a better place to launch this great event, a unique location that over the years has gained more and more importance in the world of cycling. First in the road world and now also in the off-road one, thanks to the now imminent UCI 2023 Gravel World Championship.

A territory, that of the province of Treviso, which has always been linked to the world of pedals, thanks above all to the commitment of the Veneto Region. “A world championship is always an important event – says the President of the Veneto Regional Council, Roberto Ciambetti – special attention must be paid to the public and to the large turnout that will be there during the two days of competition. Gravel is a new discipline in the world of cycling, but it has already gained so much importance. It is a new way of promoting the territory, outside the traditional tourist routes. The Veneto Region has always been attentive to cycling, so much so that it represents excellence here, and will make it a driving force for promotion: gravel as a testimony to freedom and safety. But Gravel is not only a means to make the territory known, but also our companies, made up of people and great cycling enthusiasts’.

IL There will be 26 municipalities crossed by the UCI Gravel World Championship and all the administrations have worked to realise and promote an event of international importance and therefore of enormous relevance.

“Special thanks go to the 26 municipalities crossed by this event,” continues Federico Caner, Tourism Councillor for the Veneto Region, “for their willingness and commitment. Massimo Panighel, President of Pedali di Marca, did an excellent job, coordinated with councillor Fabrizio Cazzola, Giorgio Dal Bo, President FCI Province of Treviso, and all the other organising bodies. The Veneto Region strongly wanted this UCI Gravel World Championship, and contributed both in economic and organisational terms. Starting from the Bandie gives an idea of how important cycling is for the Veneto region. In just a few years, thanks to the passion and dedication of Remo Mosole, it has become an oasis not only for Conegliano and Valdobbiadene but for the entire Piave area. Gravel is an engine for tourism, thanks to this discipline you can concentrate on the places and landscapes, bringing the whole family closer to cycling’.

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