The 2024 edition of Carnevali di Marca has been presented at Ca’ del Poggio

Ninety allegorical floats and masked groups, 8,500 participants, 22 parades and five events for families, 250,000 spectators expected along the streets and squares of the province: the most colourful and entertaining festival of the year is coming. And, as always, it does not forget solidarity

Fantasy in power: masks, confetti, pancakes and lots of fun. The party is here, and how right it is: ninety allegorical floats and masked groups, 8,500 participants, 22 parades in as many municipalities and five side events for families, at least 250,000 spectators expected along streets and squares. These are the numbers of Carnevali di Marca, the traditional kermesse that is back in full swing in 2023 after the dark period of the pandemic and that this year promises new wonders.

The 2024 edition of the event promoted by the association chaired by Redo Bezzo – presented today, Saturday 21 January, at Ca’ del Poggio Ristorante & Relais, in San Pietro di Feletto – will kick off at the weekend with the first three parades: today, Saturday, in Pieve del Grappa, and tomorrow, Sunday, in Tarzo and Pianzano di Godega di Sant’Urbano. It will go on like this, at the rate of seven/eight events every weekend, until 18 February, the first Sunday after Shrove Tuesday, which this year will fall on 13 February.

There is tradition: Tarzo will celebrate its 40th edition, Sernaglia will celebrate its 74th edition, while Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto will blow out 31 and 27 candles respectively. There are novelties: the entry of Montebelluna and Farra di Soligo in the parade circuit. There is the happy return of the Ponte della Muda parade. And then many confirmations, with Treviso, which, together with Conegliano, will represent the highlight of Shrove Tuesday.

“Compatibly with the short duration of the carnival period, the objective of Carnevali di Marca is to involve as many municipalities and citizens as possible,” comments Redo Bezzo, president of the association, flanked by councillors Silvia Sartorel and Silvano De Rous. The financial support of the municipalities, the sensitivity of the Veneto Region, the collaboration with the Pro Loco associations, and the help of sponsors will once again this year allow the realisation of renewed shows full of ideas, with a participation of groups, associations, schools, and parishes that, between Sinistra and Destra Piave, will exceed 90 people”.

Carnevali di Marca will be a celebration for young and old. “As every year,” continues Bezzo, “entrance to the parades will be free of charge to allow for greater involvement of the citizens, especially the youngest, who will not only be spectators, but also protagonists thanks to the commitment of the teachers of the schools participating in the event and the availability of the papier-mâché workshops. More than twenty schools of all levels will participate in the parades, but registrations are still open. We will be organising days entirely dedicated to children, with the presence of jugglers, clowns, stilt-walkers, and street artists in the ‘Carnival Villages’ that will be set up in Montebelluna on 3 February, in Breda di Piave on 4 February, and in Vittorio Veneto and Treviso on the ‘fattest’ weekend, with tastings of typical gastronomic specialities of the period”.

After the three events of the weekend (Pieve del Grappa, Tarzo and Pianzano), the 2024 edition of Carnevali di Marca will continue with the stages of Nervesa della Battaglia (27 January), Carbonera (28 January), Pieve di Soligo (28 January), Giavera del Montello (28 January), San Vendemiano (3 February), Zero Branco (3 February), Santa Lucia di Piave (3 February), Breda di Piave (4 February, family event), Ponte della Muda (4 February), Montebelluna (3 February family events, 4 February parade), Villorba (4 February), Susegana (10 February), Zenson di Piave (10 February), Roncade (11 February), Vittorio Veneto (10 February family events, 11 February parade), Conegliano (13 February), Treviso (10 and 11 February family events, 13 February parade), Farra di Soligo (17 February), Sant’Angelo di Treviso (17 February) and Sernaglia della Battaglia (18 February).

“The themes proposed,” adds Bezzo, “are the most varied: the importance of water resources, the forest, the circus, music, cartoons, from Barbie to the Simpsons, from the Minions to the Pirates and the Flintstones. And then again the more traditional fairy tales, from Snow White to Pinocchio, to Willy Wonka from the Chocolate Factory. Not forgetting characters from films and comic strips, satire and political themes, current events such as the theme of Nature rebelling. There will even be a tour of the OktoberFest’.

The last act of the 2024 edition of Carnevali di Marca will be the Closing Gala, which on Saturday 16 March at the ‘Giovanni Paolo II’ Oratory in San Vendemiano will also host the drawing of tickets for the traditional Charity Lottery. The Carnevali di Marca association is in fact not only masked floats, merriment and confetti. During this festive period there will also be time and the desire to think of others. As every year, the Treviso Carnival events will in fact be combined with the traditional charity lottery. During the parades it will be possible to buy tickets at a cost of 2.50 euro, hoping for a lucky draw (the total jackpot is a good 25 thousand euro) and knowing that in any case, for every ticket sold, 10 cents will be donated to local associations involved in voluntary work and social activities. First prize, in collaboration with Sarlo Group, a splendid Peugeot 208 Active 5-door km0 worth 21,500 euro. And then another 30 prizes in the form of good shopping at Maxì Supermarkets and at Toffolatti Gioielli.

Updates on the Carnevali di Marca parades can be found on the website, on the association’s social channels and, for the Treviso parade, on the new ‘Carnevale Trevigiano’ social page.

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