The 62. MIG confirms that the second language of ice cream is German

Germany and Austria protagonists at the International Ice Cream Exhibition in Longarone

At this 62nd edition of the Mig, operators in the sector from Germany and Austria, which together account for more than 75% of foreign visitors, confirmed their important presence. The participation of associations such as Uniteis e.V., the Union of Italian ice cream makers in Germany, and AGIA, the Association of Italian ice cream makers in Austria, was significant.
Definitely satisfied was the President of Uniteis, Stefano Bortolot: ‘Mig went well. We had a positive feeling, in line with an equally positive season that partly contributed to the success of this edition. We must also give credit to the work done to prepare it, which certainly paid off. We are particularly pleased, because this is our Fair, as Uniteis also a member of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti. The satisfaction is therefore twofold, also for having made an important contribution to the relocation of the Artglace headquarters to Longarone. I feel like saying that Gelato has come home’.
And if what precedes the opening of the Mig, on Saturday, is the Artglace Assembly, what characterises the morning of the last day of the exhibition is the Uniteis Assembly where the sums are drawn and future prospects are assessed. This is how Bortolot sums it up: ‘2022 has been a positive year for our category. It had started with fears and uncertainties due to Covid, which immediately vanished thanks to the openings on the restrictions that made it possible to return to near normality. In addition, the work carried out by the association allows our members to be kept informed on various issues, thanks to the newsletters and our magazine, Uniteis News, which we are proudly running independently. The various conventions also allow our members to benefit from useful services in the management of our activities, thanks to the work that we started long ago and to which we are giving continuity. Belonging to the ZDH, the German Confederation of Craftsmen, and being part of the group that includes the craft associations in the food sector, allows us to have contacts with all the institutions at the highest levels, and in times like these this is a fundamental thing. I cite, for example, the problem of energy price increases. Thanks to teamwork and the pressure exerted at the relevant ministries, we have achieved the goal of having important measures in favour of small and medium-sized craft enterprises’.
Agia’s presence was also significant with the customary Assembly held on Tuesday 29 November in the Council Hall of Longarone Fiere. For President Silvio Molin Pradel, this Mig was also evidence of a real recovery. It is a trade fair that is not to be missed, because it deals closely with the sector’s most topical and pressing issues.

‘At the Assembly,’ emphasises Molin Pradel, ‘we had the opportunity to discuss the rising costs of raw materials and the strategies to be put in place to counter the rising energy prices. The actions to be taken will differ depending on each ice cream parlour. For example, in large population centres, as opposed to smaller ones, delivery is unavoidable. Not only has it become part of consumer habits, but it represents a saving for both the ice cream parlour and the customer.
Also on Tuesday, but in the morning in the Congress Centre, the usual Uniteis conference on tax updates in Germany. “At Mig,” explained Bortolot, “our guest speaker was lawyer Carsten Rothbart, head of the tax department at ZDH for the Food Group, who in a seminar organised during the trade fair explained the innovations concerning cash registers, tax controls and the aid that the government has put in place to combat the high cost of energy.
The conference concluded with the presentation of the flavour of the year in Germany, proposed by Uniteis, which explained it as follows: ‘It will be the intense red colour, with almost violet hues, that will characterise the flavour of the year 2023, in addition to the flavour and the name famous throughout the art world and soon to be famous in ice cream parlours, Titian. Characterised by strawberry grapes and prosecco, it is intended as a tribute to Giuseppe Cipriani and one of his famous cocktails. The Masters of the Accademia di Gelateria Italiana in Germany are responsible for the recipe and will present four more flavours in the sparklings cocktails series later this year. Further information at

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