The Caglieron Caves reopen their doors

The Caglieron Caves reopen their doors

FREGONA – Ribbon cutting yesterday May 28th in one of the Caglieron Caves. From Monday, tourists will be able to return to observe and walk the path that winds along this stream which was given the name of Caglieron by two geologists who, visiting the caves, observed how the water behaved, as if it were in an immense cauldron.

The same water that took away all the wooden walkways in the night between 5 and 6 December last, today is the spectacle to photograph as it creeps between the rocks with waterfalls and natural pools of a bright green color. If the caves can be visited again, the great merit goes to Francesca Bertolin, president of the Proloco who, as mayor Patrizio Chies indicated: “Since that 6 December she has never stopped, neither for the Christmas nor for the Easter holidays, never a day off, always on the move to study and find solutions that could allow the park to reopen before the return of local and foreign tourists “. She, Francesca, slips away with great humility and tells how the engineer Elisa Celedon contacted her proposing to organize a fundraiser. No sooner said than done. 169 people, 12 Veneto companies and 15 associations responded to the appeal by raising the necessary funds for the reconstruction.

What was palpable today during the reconstruction of the events that led to the opening of the Caves, was the passion and love that Francesca Bertolin and all the volunteers put into this restoration operation. In the spirit of tenacity and resilience that is part of the Veneto DNA, they have been able to hold out demonstrating what teamwork made by those who love their territory can produce. In essence, this is what the councilor for tourism Federico Caner and the regional councilor Roberto Bet also declared, present at the ribbon cutting ceremony which effectively marks the start of a new season. The coincidence of this opening with the decline in pandemic infections can and must be seen as a positive sign for all; “The Region’s commitment will be to try in every way to make this park, unique of its kind in Veneto, known to foreign tourists but also to local ones – said Caner – In this place, cheeses are matured, the” Grotto “and the” Grottino “which have peculiar characteristics that make it unique and this is a value that must be protected and safeguarded like the caves, which will be open again from Monday, thanks to the joint effort of those who believed in it to the end “.

(photo and text Pio Dal Cin)

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