Theresianer 2023: new route, same direction

The new Theresianer image debuts, which, while keeping true to its historic tradition, modernizes and takes an entirely new contemporary course.

With a notable stylization, the Theresianer lighthouse remains a unique and distinctive element, in the logo and in the body of the labels, accompanied by the simplification of the color palette now marked by pastel colors, a new font and a logo payoff reinforcing Italian-ness.

The new Theresianer image involves all references in a new and original graphic language that updates and distinguishes the Italian beer born in Trieste in 1766. The Theresianer taste path winds through the different beer expressions in bottle and keg format: IPA, the unfiltered beers Premium Pils and WIT, Premium Lager, Strong Ale, Pale Ale, Bock, Vienna as well as the distilled Bierbrand.

The best Mitteleuropean tradition of high quality drinking, belonging to the history of Maria Theresa of Austria’s “Theresianer Village” combined with loyalty to the “Edict of Purity” issued by Duke Wilhelm IVĀ° of Bavaria in 1516 and respect for the natural maturation time of beer, make Theresianer an excellence in the Italian brewing scene and in some ways “the smallest of breweries” in Italy.

Typicality, organoleptic characteristics, and pleasantness continue to convince at the international level: Theresianer triumphed by winning the Gold Medal with Vienna at the Brussels beer Challenge and the title Brewery of the Year – Italy at the New York Beer International Competition. Theresianer is also a member of the “slowBREWING” Association whose goals are the pleasure of moderate and conscious consumption, emphasis on regionality and authenticity of beers, responsible agriculture and care for the environment.

The tale of the new contemporaneity of the Theresianer universe is fulfilled in 2023, where taste and quality give life to distinctive beers that are the result of expertise and the wise use of raw materials, now contained in a dress with a distinct personality and original charm.

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