Theresianer Gin awarded the Golden Ampulla by Spirito Autoctono

Spiriturismo, entrepreneurial culture, artisan tradition: the best of Italy in drops and goblets is highlighted in the new edition of the Spirito Autoctono Guide, created by Francesco Bruno Fadda, Lara De Luna and Federica Capobianco. Now in its third edition, the Guide aims to spread the culture of good Italian-style drinking, which is why it selects and tells – divided by regions – the most authentic and original expressions of the Belpaese.

Theresianer Gin won the special mention Ampolla D’Oro, an award given to a selected number of labels – surveyed and classified as the best of Italian production – based on quality, territoriality and craft and environmental care in processing.

“A pungent, resinous flavor, with juniper playing the starring role, is the stylistic hallmark of Theresianer’s gin, which brings together a well-established brewing tradition with a distillate of great appeal by playing with the combination of hops citrus and juniper to give a unique and fresh flavor, with notes of resin and spice-we read within the pages of the Guide-the juniper is distilled separately, as is the infusion of botanicals such as grapefruit, tangerine and cardamom. This results in a product that is especially suitable for blending.”

During the awards ceremony at Superstudio Maxi in Milan, in collaboration with Mixology Experience, one of the most important industry events in Italy, the winners of the coveted prizes took turns: on stage for Theresianer was Lorenzo Tomaselli, the brand’s sales manager.

“The honor to Theresianer Gin is a certificate of value and an important achievement. Each element contributes harmoniously and coherently to the recipe that, with its sensory richness, has allowed us to be nominated and reported along with the best of Italian spirits production, ” said an excited Lorenzo Tomaselli. ” The Ampolla d’Oro 2024 makes us extremely proud and marks a further step in the awareness that quality and depth of daily commitment are the only thing that matters.

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