Treviso Food District announces new services for agricultural businesses

The Treviso Food District announced new opportunities and services for agricultural enterprises at the “Cantina Viticoltori Ponte” in Ponte di Piave.

The meeting was opened by speeches from the mayor of Ponte di Piave, Paola Roma; Giancarlo Guidolin, president of Cantina Viticoltori Ponte; Lorenzo Brugnera for Confcooperative Belluno Treviso; Salvatore Feletti, president of Cia (Italian Farmers’ Conference) Treviso; Giorgio Polegato, president of Coldiretti Treviso and Consorzio Agrario di Treviso e Belluno; and regional councilor Roberto Bet. Also present were the mayor of Fontanelle, Maurina Sessolo, and regional councilor and former mayor of Montebelluna Marzio Favero, who spoke before the event closed.

After an introduction by Gal Alta Marca president Giuseppe Carlet, director Michele Genovese illustrated the initiatives carried out by the Treviso Food District, explaining that it is a new model for the development of the agri-food system that aims to aggregate agricultural and agri-food companies also with municipalities and allied companies to enhance the wide basket of quality products present in the Marca trevigiana (14 products with European recognition, 57 typical and traditional products and 12 small local productions). The Distretto, Genovese explains, is a forward-looking operation that declines on the territory the new European strategies Farm to Fork and Biodiversity, where farms will also have contributions and will be helped to the extent that they create supply chains and work together.

The District today has a total of 190 members; it aims precisely to make sure that people take advantage of the contribution opportunities with ad hoc calls for proposals. On this occasion, some services, which are immediately available, were presented, such as the District Box, the bag, communication with augmented reality, the plaque and the website.

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