37th Rally della Marca

37th Rally della Marca
A sparkling Rally of the Brand regardless

In July, two days of competition without an audience, but it will still be a showcase for the territory

The New Motor Group Committee, which has taken on the burden and the honor of organizing the Rally della Marca, scheduled between Friday 9 and Saturday 10 July 2021, has chosen the “G.B. Cerletti “in Conegliano as a location to present the 2021 race. Nothing better to convey the message that the automotive challenge combines sport and the promotion of a UNESCO heritage area, characterized by the excellence of Prosecco and Cartizze, while the Higher Institute provides education to convey the new generation of winemaking tradition in the Treviso area.

AUTHORITY. Ceremony for a few close friends, taking into account the anti Covid regulations. But the authorities were punctual for the appointment, with the principal Maria Grazia Morzan doing the honors. Words of praise for the organization of the rally by Gianpaolo Bottacin (Veneto Region), Antonello Roccoberton (Prefectural Commissioner in Conegliano), Emanuele Crosato (Province of Treviso), Gino Rugolo and Carlo Diomedes (Municipality of Cavaso del Tomba), the Mrs Angela Colmellere (Municipality of Miane), Anna Vettoretti (Municipality of Valdobbiadene).

DELIVERIES. Smiles and a lot of friendliness in spite of the masks. Gigi and Elena Brunetta have delivered “their” Rally della Marca in good hands, as the new owners are Giandomenico Basso and Francesco Stefan, both drivers and with a passion for the specialty that goes well beyond the commitments in the cockpit. The race will not have organizational shocks, given that the New Motor Group Committee is basically made up of the same staff with only change at the top. Now to lead the operational team will be Giacomo Fumei, aka “Mad Jack”, adding a pinch of madness to a very in-tune chorus.

FORMAT. After a year of forced stop due to a pandemic, Marca 2021 – valid for the Wrc Italian Championship, Zone 3 Rally Cup, Logistica Uno Rally Cup by Michelin, R-Italian Trophy, Clio Trophy – will be behind closed doors for the public. Unfortunately, the battle against Covid does not yet allow us to let our guard down. Enthusiasts who will therefore not be able to wander around the service park, attend the shake down and the special stages, enjoy the arrival and the awards ceremony in the square in Conegliano. To follow the race, apart from the information on the official website, there will be live social media and video programming on Acisport channel 228.

TESTS. The classic special stages of the Marca have been refurbished, capable of enhancing the peculiarities of a magnificent hilly area characterized by world-famous vineyards. Significant news for the prologue on Friday evening 9 July: not being able to set up the show rehearsal at the “Zadraring”, the competitors will have to face the premiere of “Monte Cesen”. Immediately an appetizer of 17.66 km that will make selection and classification for the starting order the next day, Saturday 10 July, with the race divided into two stages on “Monte Tomba” (12.08 km), “Monte Cesen” and “Arfanta” (8.04 km). Start and finish, service park and race headquarters, entirely located in Conegliano, which returns to the Treviso rally capital after five decades.

(photo Alberto Petenello: presentation of Rally della Marca 2021, from left Francesco Stefan, Giandomenico Basso, Marco Bellé, Giacomo Fumei.)


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