Asolo Art Film Festival – 14 to 18 June

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15 to 18 June 2023

In 1973, thanks to the fortunate intuition of Flavia Paulon, essayist and art critic, and the far-sightedness of the Provincial Administration of Treviso and the Municipality of Asolo, the International Festival of Art Film and Artist Biographies was born as a detachment of the Venice Art Biennale.
Flavia Paulon was the artistic director of the Festival until 1982: under her direction the Festival, sponsored by UNESCO for its function as an international model of correlation between cinema and the visual arts, of recognised success worldwide, presented the best unpublished films in Italy and the world on the theme of art every year.

In the 1990s, the history of the Asolo festival was interrupted, to resume in 2001 under the name AsoloArtFilmFestival.

It is a competition of film works divided into the Film on Art and Film d’Arte sections, in which films and documentaries dedicated to art in all its forms (visual art, architecture, dance, music, etc.), biographies, works of historical reconstruction, critical interpretations on the protagonists of art and audiovisual works created with any technology used as a tool of artistic expression (video art, video dance, animation, music video) may participate.

The Festival also reserves a special session for the works of emerging young artists and experimentation with new artistic forms applied to the moving image such as post-internet art.

In 1977, the Eleonora Duse Prize was also established, a career prize awarded to an internationally renowned actress from the world of cinema and theatre.

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