Cavallino Treporti. “Festa dea Sparesea” – 29/30 April and 1 May

The traditional “Festa dea Sparesea” will be held in Cavallino-Treporti on Monday 1 May, an event dedicated to the green asparagus, the protagonist of many local specialities.

This traditional festival has been a great success since 1970, attracting a vast public to taste the bitter green asparagus Montine, commonly known as “La Sparesea”, with boiled eggs. Produced exclusively in the area surrounding the Cavallino-Treporti lido, it ripens between mid-March and early May. The sandy soils along the seashore where it is cultivated give it that unique, rich, bitter flavour.

Live music, entertainment and sporting events add to the joyful atmosphere. In fact, to add tradition to tradition, the Remiera di Cavallino will introduce the aquatic and sporting soul of Cavallino through regattas and boat rides.

A pleasant way to celebrate the healthy and good products of this land with games music and gastronomic events.

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