Christmas in Padua 2022 – A city of stars

Christmas in Padua is an initiative of the Department of Productive Activities and Commerce of the Municipality of Padua. Our objective is to promote synergies for events and manifestations that revitalise the city districts, also through the realisation of moments of aggregation involving commercial realities, cultural and social associations, and individual citizens.

Christmas in the city of Padua is a magical time and it is nice to experience it all together. Discover a city of stars, discover Padua. The city of Padua has invested in installations, initiatives, events and activities to best promote the most magical time of the year.

The markets in the squares, videomapping, the big tree in front of Palazzo Moroni, Father Christmas’s Village and the big skating rink: all realised thanks to the participation of our partners to experience the magic of Christmas throughout the city.

Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas in Padua: shops, markets, videomapping, attractions and great events. Experience the city in its wonderful Christmas guise and be inspired by the magic of the stars!

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