Feltre. Dolomiti Gravel – 15 July

After 28 years of Granfondo Dolomiti Race, on Saturday 15 July in Feltre the Dolomiti Gravel is proposed, a completely different experience compared to the granfondo: a journey of discovery through the Belluno area.

Freeing the mind, trying to leave at home the thoughts of these last two years so difficult for everyone and face this journey without a stopwatch. There will be times when the road ahead will be straight, at others winding and difficult. It will not be a walk in the park, the organisers want to make the athletes work hard by rewarding them with a route made of magic, passing through territories where time seems to stand still, filling their lungs with the fantastic air of the Belluno region. The meaning of this journey lies in the route that is taken and not in the final finish line.

The symbol of the race is the bear, and in fact the two routes are named: ‘BUBU’, with a length of around 59.5 km and 900 m of altitude difference, and ‘YOGHI’, with a length of 163.8 km and 2,400 m of altitude difference. Both routes, with the exception of a few stretches along the main asphalt roads useful for connection, are on paths, dirt roads and secondary asphalt roads.

But Dolomiti Gravel will not only be sport, during the route and at the arrival there will be the opportunity to taste the gastronomic excellence of the Valbelluna and have fun with lots of good music.

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