Fiera Franca of Cittadella – October 22 to 24

Important traditional event. The Cittadella Fiera Franca, one of the most expected events of Cittadella October and of the whole year. On Saturday evenings on the occasion of this major event, the Ronda Walk on the Medieval Walls is also open at night for a unique and unforgettable experience.

During the day it is always open. For the little ones there is a funfair at the sports facilities. Near the Austro-Hungarian Cemetery, on the other hand, it is a recurrence to find the cattle fair on Monday morning. In the stands between Porta Treviso and Porta Bassano exhibition of agricultural implements and tools on Sunday and Monday. Throughout the historic center is the city market with clothing, fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, haberdashery, both Sunday and Monday all day.

On Monday ancient cattle market in the Austro-Hungarian Cemetery area. Fireworks display and burning of the walls in Treviso Gate at 9:30 pm. Fireworks show and burning of the castle at Villa Rina 9:30 p.m.

Cittadella is the only walled city in all of Europe to have a medieval, elliptical-shaped and fully walkable Cammininamento di Ronda. The walls can be visited with a scenic walk at a height of 15 meters, a unique experience of “Walking in History.”


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