Agordo. “4 Pas in doi”, mountain race in pairs – 4 June

In Agordo, in the heart of the Dolomites, ‘4 pas in doi’ returns, the running race in pairs that attracts a large number of athletes and families.

The race, organised by the Ad Agordo Pro Loco, aims to bring children and families closer to sport and the discovery of the area, while also giving space to those who habitually take part in running races and athletes approaching the world of running.

The “4 pas in doi ” will start from the characteristic Broi, the large grassy clearing in the centre of Agordo, with three possible routes: a competitive and non-competitive 15 km route (850 m. of positive height difference), a competitive and non-competitive 6 km route (300 m. of positive height difference), and the “4 pas in doi bocoi” enogastronomic route, also 6 km long. Then the race will cross the village and ascend through the trails to the Framont and Moiazza mountains, passing close to the route of the well-known Alta Via N°1 of the Dolomites. It will also pass through the area of Binatega, a picturesque location in the Agordo mountains, dotted with numerous mountain huts, with well-kept forests and meadows. The finish will again be on the ‘Broi’.

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