Maratona de les Dolomites 04 July 2021

Maratona de les Dolomites 04 July 2021

Maratona de les Dolomites 04 July 2021
“We are now, the 4th of July is upon us and everything is ready. Organizers, collaborators, friends e
volunteers, we feel we are the architects of a company that was unthinkable until a few months ago and which will become
big thanks to the participation of our cyclist friends. Yes, it will be a great day on which everyone
together we will complete the unfinished work. We are convinced of it, the Dolomites on pedals
represent the sublime art of cycling in its highest expression. And it is with this certainty
that we summarize everything that will shape a party that has been waiting for too long. ”, he reveals
Claudio Canins, General Manager of the Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel.
Numbers and routes
As we know, the Marathon is made up of numbers and routes. This year the requests were 31,600
but only 6,000 places are available to comply with the safety plan. Nevertheless,
there will be athletes of 57 different nationalities. The soul of the Marathon is international and
The Marathon takes place on Sunday 4 July and the departure takes place as usual at 6.30 from La Villa,
while the arrival is in Corvara. There are three routes in which the race unfolds: Long of 138 km and 4230 meters. of
difference in altitude, Medium of 106 km and 3130 mt. in altitude and Sella Ronda of 55 km and 1780 mt. in altitude.
The passes, now a consolidated rule, are strictly closed to traffic. Go through the mythical ones
roads that have made the history of cycling without the hassle of cars and motorbikes is something
special, and cyclists know it well. Campolongo, Pordoi, Sella, Gardena, Giau, Falzarego and
Valparola: a magnificent carousel to ride immersed in the silence and splendor of a
unique landscape in the world. This is the charm of the Marathon, this is what makes it
a unique experience to live sweating, struggling and pushing on the pedals. What remains is a
I remember that it becomes indelible in the memory of every runner.
A safe marathon
The main objective is to ensure maximum safety throughout the event.
Social distancing, frequent hand sanitation and the use of the
mask in all situations except when pushing on the pedals.
The protocol provides for some obligations including the antigen test for those who do not yet have the certificate
vaccination certificate or certificate of recovery. The measurements in detail and the updates are
available at the page
The organizers want them to be days of celebration and that anyone who takes part in the race can do it
in maximum safety. Only in this way can you go back to dreaming and pedaling under the imposing rocks and
majestic Dolomites.
The green angels

We called them ‘green angels’ and saw the positive feedback from previous editions this year
we will replicate the experience: there will be 6 sustainable mechanics, 4 on electric bicycles and 2 on board electric cars. A four-handed project involving Enel, Pinarello, Pirelli and Audi, which puts
an important number of full electric cars are available. Pinarello will supply the Nitro electric bikes
while Pirelli and Enel will make mechanics available. Audi Full electric on the road
Audi full electric or mild hybrid are used along the entire route of the marathon. The dream of
having all the electric cars in the race is no longer such but a concrete goal.
Official Castelli shirt and eco-sustainable Carvico vest
The Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel 2021 edition jersey looks to the future without neglecting
the importance of past experience. Castelli’s relentless drive for innovation brings how
usual to revolutionary advances in performance and design and it is thanks to this
vision that even the Maratona jersey, a derivation of the ‘Squadra’ collection, was
renewed to make it truly special. A door has been integrated into the rear pockets
number that effectively eliminates the use of safety pins. In this way it is not only preserved
the integrity of the fabric, but also improves aerodynamics in the lower back. Castles
has grasped and interpreted the “ERT” (ART) theme with an original graphic approach inspired by the gesture
harmonious and orderly brushstroke, an original expression of the artist who aims at
achievement of beauty. A touch of the brush, like a pedal stroke, that the vigorous
cyclist settles down a mountain road, unstoppably anxious to cross the
Step. Technically, the jersey offers all participants light equipment,
aerodynamic and high performance that derives directly from the experience of professionals
World Tour.
Always at the forefront of protecting the planet, Carvico has also decided to support
this year the Marathon as a gold partner, giving all participants the vest
eco-friendly made with Carvico fabric “special edition M

plow 2021 “in
polyester, 100% recycled from the recovery of PET bottles.
More than 72,000 bottles were recovered avoiding the emission of 4,600 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.
Marathon Village and Green Corners
The Marathon restarts and therefore also the Maratona Village in Badia restarts. After all, without the place
favorite meeting place for the thousands of cyclists and visitors who wander curiously among the stands, the
Marathon would not be the same. From Thursday 1 July evening it is again possible
have fun and meet among a sea of ​​news and curiosities for all ages. For the known reasons,
access is limited to a maximum number of people and we ask everyone for full cooperation.
It will still be a good party.
The exhibitors will have their stands in the wooden houses, made two years ago with wood
purchased and recovered from the disaster areas by storm Vaia.
In collaboration with our logistics partner Arcese, advocate of sustainability, they will be from
the “Green Corners” have been newly set up, both at the Maratona Village and upon arrival. In these spaces some of ours
volunteer friends will help visitors to do the separate collection.

Where is the start and finish of the race?
The start of the race is in La Villa – Alta Badia – Dolomites (BZ) and the finish in Corvara – Alta Badia.

Can those registered for the Marathon of 4 July 2021 transfer their registration to 2022?
It is possible to transfer the registration to 2022 upon written communication (indicating name, surname and date of birth) by e-mail to by 01 June 2021.
Entries by invitation are not transferable to 2022.

What happens with the gadgets purchased online for 2020/2021?
The gadgets already purchased can be collected at the “online purchases” counter adjacent to the Maratona Shop.
In the case of transfer of registration to 2022, the items purchased will not be transferred to 2022, but can be collected this year by third parties upon presentation of the voucher that will be sent to the buyer in June 2021.
The items not collected will be sent later.

When should you choose the Marathon route? Are there any limitations in choosing the route?
The Marathon includes three different paths. Each competitor has the right to choose the route most suited to him and this choice can be made during the course of the test at the sole discretion of the participant.
To participants between 71 (seventy-one) and 79 (seventy-nine) years of age and to cyclists in possession of a certificate of fitness for competitive cycling (certificates are not valid for other types of sports such as triathlon, duathlon, athletics, etc. .) participation is only allowed in the Medium (106km) and Sellaronda (55km) routes.

Maximum passage time
Corvara towards Campolongo (55km): 11.15 am
Cernadoi towards Passo Giau (76km): 11.45 am
After these times you can no longer continue, not even off the charts / not even at your own risk. The gates will be closed.

Arrival 55km: 1.00 pm

Arrival 106 km and 138 km: 4.15 pm

Maximum assistance time:
Refreshments, mechanical and medical assistance will be guaranteed until the following time:
Sella Pass 11.15 am
Campolongo Pass 11.45 am
Passo Gardena / Colle S. Lucia 12.15
Passo Giau at 2.00 pm
Falzarego Pass 3.45 pm

How are the starting groups divided in 2021?
The bib is assigned according to point 3 of the 2021 regulation; the times are based on the previous 4 editions (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019) of the Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel.

Different grids: in which grid to start?
If you are a group of friends and you have different grids, but you would like to start all together, it is possible to start all together by moving backwards from the grid (it is not possible to precede). The riders with the low bib will therefore start in the grid of the teammates with the high bib.

When and where does the bib distribution take place?
Bib distribution takes place at the “Ciasa Runcher” events hall – Str. San Linert 10 in San Leonardo / Badia – Alta Badia:

• Wednesday, 30.06.2021: from 20.30 to 22.30 *
• Thursday, 01.07.2021: from 20.30 to 22.30
• Friday, 02.07.2021: from 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm
• Saturday, 03.07.2021: from 10.00 to 19.00

  • ATTENTION: The withdrawal on Wednesday evening will be possible ONLY if in possession of a certificate of recovery or Covid-19 vaccination. For those who will present an antigenic or molecular test, the withdrawal is scheduled from Thursday onwards.

Who and how can collect the bib?
To collect the bib you will need the following 3 documents:
1) The PRINTED bib collection voucher which will be sent by e-mail around 25 June
2) A valid original identity document (passport, identity card, or driving license). Photocopies or other types of documents are not allowed.
3) One of the certain

fications required according to the health plan:
• certificate of recovery from Covid-19 valid on the day of the race.
• Covid-19 vaccination certificate (complete vaccine or with first dose administered by June 19 inclusive).
• negative rapid or molecular antigen test carried out in a certified center performed starting from Thursday 01 July and therefore valid until 04 July, the day of the competition.
• Corona Pass Alto Adige
• Digital Green Certificate (DGC)
Only certificates / tests in Italian, English or German will be accepted.
Third party withdrawals are not accepted.

When is the meeting scheduled and at what time does the Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel start?
The meeting is possible from 5.30 and the start of the race is at 6.30. Those who have not entered the grid 15 (fifteen) minutes before the start will be automatically entered in the last starting grid.

Are the roads covered by the race open to traffic?
The roads will be closed to traffic (including cyclists) during most of the race. Please read the published timetable as soon as the competent prefectures confirm the timetables.

Is it possible to have private mobile and mechanical assistance in tow?
Assistance of any kind by private vehicles following the race is strictly prohibited under penalty of disqualification of the athlete.

All refreshment points along the route offer food and drinks. More details at the following LINK.

Broom service:
There will be a broom service consisting of shuttles and minibuses to load people and bicycles.

Will there be a massage service this year and will you be able to use the showers?
Unfortunately this year, due to the particular situation, massages will not be offered and it will not be possible to use the showers.

At what time and where is the award ceremony scheduled? Who is awarded?
The official award ceremony will take place at 3.00 pm inside the ice rink and the first 3 (three) absolute and the first of the category of the Marathon and Medium courses will be awarded. The prizes will be awarded only to those present.
The awarding of the teams will not be carried out. The prize will be sent to the first 3 (three) teams of the team classification.
The Sellaronda route has no award ceremony and official ranking.

Official photos of the Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel:
The official photos are available after about three days from the race on the website:

What are the registration procedures for the Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel 2022?
The regulation for the 35. Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel of 03.07.2022 will be published at the end of September 2021 on our website

How do I get to Alta Badia?
Tips for organizing your trip to Alta Badia at the following LINK

How do I find accommodation?
Our tips for how and when to find accommodation are available at the following LINK.
For information regarding accommodation facilities, we recommend that you contact the Alta Badia Tourist Associations:

For questions relating to the safety protocol, please visit the page
More about ficazioni richieste in base al piano sanitario • certificato di avvenuta guarigione da Covid-19 valida il giorno della gara. • certificato di avvenuta vaccinazione Covid-19 (vaccino completo o con prima dose somministrata entro 19 giugno compreso). • test antigenico rapido o molecolare negativo effettuato presso un centro certificato eseguito a partire da giovedì 01. luglio e quindi valido fino al 04 luglio, giorno della gara. • Corona Pass Alto Adige • Digital Green Certificate (DGC) Verranno accettati solamente certificati/test in lingua italiana, inglese o tedesca. Non vengono accettati ritiri da parte di terzi. Quando è previsto il ritrovo e a che ora parte la Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel? Il ritrovo è possibile dalle ore 5.30 e la partenza della gara è alle ore 6.30. Chi non sarà entrato in griglia 15 (quindici) minuti prima della partenza verrà automaticamente inserito nell’ultima griglia di partenza. Le strade percorse dalla gara sono aperte al traffico? Le strade verranno chiuse al traffico (ciclisti compresi) durante gran parte della gara. Prego prendere visione della tabella di marcia pubblicata non appena le Prefetture di competenza confermano gli orari. È possibile avere un’assistenza mobile e meccanica privata al seguito? L’assistenza di qualunque genere da parte di mezzi privati al seguito della corsa è severamente vietata pena la squalifica dell’atleta. Ristori: Tutti i ristori sul percorso offrono cibo e bevande. Maggiori dettagli al seguente LINK. Servizio scopa: Sarà presente un servizio scopa costituito da shuttle e pulmini per caricare persone e biciclette. Quest’anno ci sarà il servizio massaggi e si potranno utilizzare le docce? Purtroppo quest’anno a causa della particolare situazione non verrà offerto il servizio massaggi e non sarà possibile utilizzare le docce. A che ora e dove è prevista la premiazione? Chi viene premiato? La premiazione ufficiale si svolgerà alle ore 15.00 all’interno del palaghiaccio e verranno premiati i primi 3 (tre) assoluti ed il primo di categoria dei percorsi Maratona e Medio. I premi verranno consegnati soltanto ai presenti. La premiazione delle squadre non verrà effettuata. Alle prime 3 (tre) squadre della classifica a squadre verrà inviato il premio. Il percorso Sellaronda è privo di premiazione e classifica ufficiale. Foto ufficiali della Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel: Le foto ufficiali sono reperibili dopo circa tre giorni dalla gara sul sito: Quali sono le modalità d’iscrizione alla Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel 2022? Il regolamento per la 35. Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel del 03.07.2022 verrà pubblicato a fine di settembre 2021 sul nostro sito Come raggiungo l’Alta Badia? I consigli per organizzare il tuo viaggio verso l’Alta Badia al seguente LINK Come trovo l’alloggio? I nostri consigli per come e quando trovare un alloggio sono disponibili al seguente LINK. Per informazioni inerenti agli esercizi ricettivi Vi consigliamo di contattare le Associazioni Turistiche dell’Alta Badia: Per domande relative al protocollo di sicurezza prego visitare la pagina

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