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Open Bike Fest changes its schedule
The great event in Treviso dedicated to cycling reschedules the dates in order to open its doors to the enthusiastic population: a preview in October and the 5 itineraries will be the relay of the appointment already set for June 2022 to forget the pandemic
Open Bike Fest, the great event dedicated to cycling scheduled in Treviso from 11 to 13 June, changes its schedule with the aim of proposing itself, when the pandemic begins its downward phase, even more complete and structured to enhance all its related activities in the tourism, sports-system and food & beverage sectors.

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“We have taken note, albeit reluctantly, that the Covid problem is still too present and too much affects the organizational aspects and the behavior of those who aspire to take part in the event for various reasons. At this moment, the solution of the health situation is the priority for everyone and to date, with the persistence of the limitations to which we should adapt, we do not have the right visibility to be sure that the scenario planned for June does not alter the spirit of the event it is and wants to be a great bicycle festival. For this reason, driven by a great sense of responsibility towards everyone, for the companies that have joined and to avoid unnecessary costs and programs that would not have a response, we decided to act in advance, without waiting any longer. We have therefore set a new roadmap that will allow us to reach the finish line even stronger. ”, Explained Luca Businaro, President of Open Bike Fest.

The decision is not linked to the availability of Opendream, the location designated to represent the hub of the event. The need for the facility to be made available to the Veneto Region as a vaccination center, reported in recent days by some press, has not been followed up. “The Region has actually asked us for availability – explains Damaso Zanardo, owner of Opendream – but the vaccination campaign is already proceeding adequately and therefore there will be no need. On the other hand, it is clear that the need to review the Open Bike Fest program has different reasons, related to the gathering problems that an event of this magnitude can cause at a time when the Covid alarm has not yet returned “.

The stages of the journey of the Open Bike Fest and of all the initiatives related to it are therefore modified with a preview-appointment set for 2-3 October. It will be two days of great enhancement and discovery, both of the territory and of the exhibition location represented by Opendream. All this will happen through the invitation and involvement of companies, media, opinion leaders and experts in the sector who will meet in Treviso to be able to “experience” the unique context in which Open Bike Fest is located and at the same time discover – maybe by bike – the wide range of cycling routes to explore throughout the province.

The program of this “preview” will also include a workshop that will compare qualified experts in the sector and in the bike economy for an examination of the present and future scenarios, especially related to the post-pandemic, a prelude to the broader program of in-depth events that will remain in any case one of the strong themes of the Open Bike Fest. The preview in October will therefore be the intermediate stage in view of the complete event which is rescheduled from 10 to 12 June 2022.

In the meantime, the fascinating initiative of the 5 itineraries traveled by as many groups of cyclists from Munich, Salzburg, Ljubljana, Turin and Santa Maria di Leuca also remains alive, whose organization was relocated in July this year and will also represent ‘it is a symbolic approaching march to such an eagerly awaited and desired appointment: Open Bike Fest, the event that did not exist, still exists.

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