Transpelmo race. Only 250 will run it


only 250 bibs available


A unique experience in a unique environment
of the CORE ZONE N ° 1 of the UNESCO Dolomites,
crossing the spectacular and imposing massif
of Monte Pelmo (3168m.)

Get ready for new emotions!

Unmissable appointment on Sunday 5 September 2021 in Palafavera, in Val di Zoldo. The thirteenth edition of the Transpelmo, the running race around the majestic Monte Pelmo, starts.

The race will have a total development of 18 km with an altitude difference of 1300 m.

The circular route will start from Palafavera and will take you to face a first climb in the woods, and then continue at high altitude with a wide path, over the vast pastures and expanses of mountain pines, up to the Venezia refuge where the first refreshment point will be equipped.

From here begins the demanding climb, which passing through a first fork leads to a steep scree and finally to the legendary and unforgettable Val d’Arcia saddle.

This is the highest altitude of the route, and the second refreshment point will be equipped.

The first part of the descent takes place on very technical terrain and then continues along the long and constant scree until you enter the path that will take you to the Staulanza pass.

Here the third refreshment point will be equipped. After a short but selective climb, the final stage of the descent begins, which passing through Pian dei Buoi will take you back to Palafavera where the arrival and the final refreshment are located.

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