Verona. “Beatles in Swing” Christmas Concert on Dec. 23

“Beatles in Swing” Christmas Concert.

Back on Friday, December 23 at 9:15 p.m. at the Camploy Theater is the traditional Christmas Concert offered by the City of Verona to its citizens and presented by the Big Band Ritmo Sinfonica “City of Verona.”

For Christmas 2022, the Big Band, conducted by Marco Pasetto, will offer the concert “Beatles in Swing,” a repertoire dedicated to the iconic English group that is a symbol of pop music.

The year 2022 marks the 60th year since the formation of the Beatles, and the Big Band will celebrate this anniversary by dedicating the traditional Christmas concert to the four boys from Liverpool.
The tribute to the Beatles will be amazing and wonderful and will surely give satisfaction to the audience of fans.

The concert program will include performances of the following songs:

Something In The Way She Moves (G. Harrison/arr. P. Murta – G.B. Tedeschi)
The Fool On The Hill (J. Lennon – P. McCartney/arr. Jim Mahaffey)
Yesterday (J. Lennon – P. McCartney/arr. Mike Barone)
Here Come The Sun (G. Harrison/arr. G.B. Tedeschi)
Norwegian Wood (J. Lennon – P. McCartney/arr. D. Rotunno)
The Mop Tops – Fab Four: We Can Work It Out; Can’t Buy Me Love; Day Tripper; Twist and Shout (J. Lennon – P. McCartney/arr. G.B. Tedeschi)
A Day In The Life (J. Lennon – P. McCartney/arr. F. Aldegheri)
Eleanor Rigby (J. Lennon – P. McCartney/arr. G.B. Tedeschi)
Come Together (J. Lennon – P. McCartney/arr. F. Passarella)
Ob-La-Di ObLa-Da (J. Lennon – P. McCartney/arr. T. Mashima)
Because (J. Lennon – P. McCartney/arr. M. Pasetto)
Hey Jude (J. Lennon – P. McCartney/arr. R. Longfield)

Presented by: Sandro Avesani

Free admission performance by invitation to be picked up, subject to availability, (limited availability) at the following offices:

URP – Public Relations
Via Adigetto, 10
from 9 a.m. on December 21, 2022.

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