Verona. Champions League Women’s Volleyball 2023 – 15/08

On August 15, Verona will host the inaugural women’s match of the 2023 European Volleyball Championship in a unique setting: the exclusive Arena.

The Verona amphitheater will host an international competition almost 35 years after the last competitive event: the May 23, 1988 volleyball match between the United States and the Soviet Union.

The Women’s European Championship will take place from Aug. 15 to Sept. 3, and it will be a traveling championship, since it will touch numerous European cities in the organizing countries: Monza, Florence, Turin and Verona for Italy, Ghent and Brussels in Belgium, Düsseldorf in Germany and Tallinn in Estonia. As usual, the organizing countries had the opportunity to choose an opponent from among those from the qualifying tournaments. Italian women’s national team coach Davide Mazzanti chose Romania.

The city of Verona is no stranger to hosting major stages of the volleyball world, with cup finals in 2010 for the men’s division and in 2014 for the women’s division, along with a round of the 2014 Women’s Volleyball World Cup. “It was a great team effort”: the words of Mayor Damiano Tommasi fully express the great satisfaction given by the fact that Verona is once again hosting an international sports competition, this time in the exclusive setting of the Arena.

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