Verona. New Year’s Eve 2023 in Piazza Bra

The traditional Verona New Year’s Eve event with “Tutti in Piazza a Capodanno!” is renewed.

The evening, organized by the City of Verona, will see the winners of Xfactor, the Piedmontese duo “Santi Francesi,” perform on the big stage. Along with the winners of the Sky talent show, other favorites from the last edition will perform: Beatrice Quinta, who came second, Linda, third, and the Tropeas, fourth. On the prestigious stage in Piazza Bra we will also be able to hear the winner of the “Amici” contest, the young Tuscan singer-songwriter Niveo.

A great show that has featured famous guests, great live concerts and live broadcasts on national TV channels since 1999; a show that reaches its climax at the stroke of midnight.

Always spectacular and exciting is the big party held on the last night of the year in the largest square in the city of Verona. Piazza Bra was formed over a long period of time, and each of its sides is characterized by an architecture or a series of buildings of particular significance: on the northern side the Arena, the oldest building; on the western side various palaces dated between the 15th and 18th centuries, with the Liston promenade; on the southern side the Gran Guardia, begun by the Venetians and completed by the Austrians; and finally, on the eastern side, the most recent building, Palazzo Barbieri.

The evening will be broadcast live on RTL 102.5 and RADIO ZETA.


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