Vittorio Veneto. “Ridges trail” on the 5 hills – 12th Feb.

On Sunday 12 February, the first edition of the 20 km distance race will take place on the ridge paths of five hills surrounding the city. A short route is also planned: three hills, 12 km. Organised by the Marathon School: ‘Paths cleared and usable all year round’.

Vittorio Veneto (Treviso), 10 February 2023 – The paths around Vittorio Veneto are ready to welcome the 400 participants in the inaugural edition of the Ridges Trail, the new race in the natural environment that on Sunday 12 February promises to provide thrills and splendid scenery for many fans of the discipline.

The Vittorio Veneto Marathon School – the event’s organising company – has designed two routes. The longer one, the 5 Ridges Trail, will cover a distance of 20 km with 1400 metres of positive altitude difference, connecting Colle San Paolo (325 metres above sea level), Monte Altare (435 metres), Colle Bigontina (430 metres), Monte Piai (530 metres) and Monte Baldo (587 metres).

The shortest, the 3 Ridges Trail, will instead touch Colle San Paolo, Monte Altare and Monte Baldo. Distance (12 km) and difference in altitude (800 metres) are less demanding, but both trails are largely on narrow paths with exposed and steep sections: the organisation recommends excellent training and mountain experience. It is also forbidden to suffer from vertigo.

For fans of running in the natural environment, the hills of Vittorio Veneto, which act as a buffer between the plain and the Pre-Alps, are a perfect territory: after years of running on paths, woods and dirt roads, enthusiasts are still amazed to discover new routes and new possibilities for adventure immersed in a welcoming and fascinating nature all year round.

The Ridges Trail began in 2006 as a kind of self-managed training, a reason for friends to get together. Now, however, it has turned into a real race: ‘A zero edition,’ the organisers call it, ‘which will be subject to development in the seasons to come.

Approximately 400 athletes are at the start, equally divided between the two distances. “We have reached the number of participants that we had proposed,” Cao continues, “There are important registrations. One above all, that of Ivan Geronazzo, a myth of trail running, expected at the start in the long race. But, more than the race itself, what matters is the fact that the Ridges Trail has become an opportunity to fix and clean up the trails around Vittorio Veneto, which can now be used by anyone and at any time of the year’.

The maintenance of the trails is also best combined with the Naturalmente Vittorio Veneto project, a portal ( where information is available on how to use the beautiful routes around the city all year round, and in various ways.

The start and finish of the Ridges Trail will be at the Fenderl Area: the longest race will start at 8.30 a.m., the shortest at 9 a.m. The Ridges Trail will be a true journey through nature, with unique panoramas and varied and evocative environments, not forgetting passages at iconic sites such as the bishop’s castle of San Martino, the sanctuary of San Paolo, the Perdonanze and the ruins of the small church of Sant’Antonio.

Adequate signposting along the route, the presence of volunteers where necessary, refreshment points along the route and at the finish, medical assistance and prize-giving will be ensured. All in the most authentic trail spirit, which means hospitality, passion, absolute respect for nature and the places crossed, and appreciation of the splendid Victorian hills.

There will also be a robust and festive ‘third time’: this was one of the characteristics of the old-style Ridges Trail and, race or no race, it will not change. Among all participants, some bibs will also be drawn at random for the Trail del Patriarca on 26 March, another off-road event organised by the Vittorio Veneto Marathon School.

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