37° Rally della Marca, registrations open today

37th RALLY – 9/10 JULY

The new wine and the race ripen on the Treviso hills, after a year’s stop,
she is ready to restart her sparkling journey under the banner of Prosecco docg

Photosport Image: Luca Pedersoli-Anna Tomasi, Citroen Ds3 Wrc, Rally della Marca 2019

Conegliano, 9 June 2021 – Registration opens today for the 37th Rally della Marca which will be staged between Friday 9 and Saturday 10 July. It always starts like this, the first official act marks the beginning of the fateful countdown to the roaring appointment. And the wait entangles emotions for a myriad of subjects, first of all the members of the New Motor Group Committee headed by Giacomo Fumei, the new owners of the brand, Giandomenico Basso and Francesco Stefan, but also Gigi and Elena Brunetta who have just passed the hand while remaining vigilant and cooperative.

There will be time until Wednesday 30 June to send the registration form to the race, valid for the Wrc Italian Championship, Zone 3 Rally Cup, Logistica Uno Rally Cup by Michelin, R-Italian Trophy and Clio Trophy. It is a challenge that has been missing for 24 months, due to the cancellation of last year caused by the pandemic, and which therefore wanted to come back with a new look to start again showing fresh ambitions.

Once the elegant Conegliano was chosen as an operational base, departure and arrival location, the tradition of special stages is kept intact, only recalibrated in accordance with the provisions of Aci Sport, issued when the vaccination campaign was not yet running at full speed as it is now. Thus the Marca 2021 will start with the demanding skimming of “Monte Cesen” (17.66 km) on the evening of Friday 9 July, repeated twice on Saturday 10 July together with “Monte Tomba” (12.08) and “Arfanta” (8.04).

Treviso hills ready to welcome back a correct and responsible cheering if, as we hope, the race will be open to the public. In the six tricolor editions held so far, from 2014 to 2019, two victories for Luca Pedersoli, the driver from Brescia who dominated the first two acts of the current season, Elba and Salento. He will still be the driver to beat and the Marca will have the opportunity to make the championship fight more uncertain.

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