The places of the Great War and the mountain huts of Grappa

The places of the Great War and the mountain huts of Grappa

The places of the Great War and the mountain huts of Grappa – Great War on Monte Grappa.
100 years ago the Great War

Monte Grappa was one of the best known scenarios of the First World War, so much so that it was given the name of “Sacred Mountain of the Fatherland”.
About 23,000 soldiers died on its peaks. After the rout of Caporetto, in the face of the Austrian enemy advance, the decimated and disrupted Italian units gave rise to extreme resistance, settling not only on the Grappa, but also on the Montello and along the Piave river. Reinforcements arrived slowly and the new Italian defense line managed to strengthen. The two armies fought with great fury between 10 and 26 November 1917 and then again in other bloody battles, between 4 and 26 December. The historic “Battle of Arrest” will mark the beginning of the not only material but above all moral rebirth of the Italian army. The losses were enormous on both sides, but the Italian army still managed to block the Austro-Hungarian soldiers on the new defensive line.
Even today, the road that leads to the mountain, immersed in the green of the woods and chestnut trees, is surrounded by a landscape clearly marked by what were the artillery positions, the terraces and the entrances to tunnels dug into the rock.

The places of the Great War (letters in gray)
and the Malghe del Grappa (numbers in green)

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A Strada del Generale Giardino – Borso del Grappa
B Italian Military Memorial – Cima Grappa
C Bassano Refuge – Cima Grappa
D Mulattiera – Massif of Grappa
E Path of the Meatte – Pian de la Bala
F Valley of the Walls – Monte Grappa
G A cableway remains – Monte Grappa
H Trenches – Monte Palon
I Battlefield – Monte Tomba
The Monument to the Soldier of Italy – Onigo di Pederobba
M French Military Memorial – Pederobba
N L’arte Wounded permanent exhibition at the Gipsoteca del Canova – Possagno
O Great War Documentation Center – Crespano
P Mostaccin fork – Maser

Places of memory – Wounded art

1 Col Serai mountain hut
2 Col del Gallo mountain hut
3 Malga Gasparini
4 Monte Asolone
5 Malga Coi Veci
6 Pat hut
7 Coston da Quinto hut
8 Malga Meda
9 Malga Ostaria Vecia de Poise
10 Cason Vecio mountain hut
11 Malga Bocchette
12 Malga Mure
13 Mason Cason del Sol
14 Malga Domador
15 Malga Paradiso
16 Malga Piz

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