Cartizze Prosecco DOCG Superior

Prosecco DOCG Superiore di Cartizze – this is the correct denomination – represents the most exclusive version, the qualitative pinnacle of the Prosecco world.
It is only produced on a very small hill of 108 hectares – or just 1 square kilometre – in the heart of Valdobbiadene, the historical town most famous for the quality of its grapes and beautiful landscapes. When one speaks of Cartizze, therefore, one speaks of a wine, the finest line of Prosecco, but also of a territory, a precise selection of vineyards.

It is within the DOCG area, where Prosecco becomes Superiore, that the prestigious Cartizze hill is located. This area, in the shape of a Pentagon, is distinguished from all other hills thanks to the presence of 3 factors:

Optimum sun exposure: hill entirely exposed to the south;
Constant ventilation: which dries out the humidity, reducing the risk of fungal diseases;
Clay soil: rich in nutrients and draining.
The combination of these properties creates a unique microclimate, a natural oasis for growing vines. This is why the vines here reach very high ages and produce excellent quality grapes every year.

Cartizze is produced in very limited numbers: only 1.2 million bottles per year. For comparison, Champagne produces around 300 million bottles annually.

Because of this exclusivity, it is very rare to find, and only selected establishments, restaurants and wine bars offer some Cartizze labels on their menus. Enthusiasts and connoisseurs, on the other hand, do not miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful Valdobbiadene area every year, going in person to the small producers to buy the vintage Cartizze.

Grapes harvested within the boundaries of Cartizze must only be vinified within the municipality of Valdobbiadene.

Cartizze can only be produced and sold in bottles Spumante version: Cartizze in bulk or in demijohns does not exist. The frothing of Cartizze takes place according to the Martinotti Charmat method (second fermentation in autoclave).

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