Goat’s Robiola from the Perenzin Dairy

Goat Robiola from the Perenzin Dairy

Cheese rich in live lactic ferments, it is produced in small molds, without clot mixture, with a delicate, slightly acidic flavor and a slight goat scent. It is eaten very fresh, but, thanks to the acid coagulation, it keeps very well for 2 months. It lends itself to being mixed with spices and aromatic herbs.

Milk production area: Valle del Piave, province of Belluno

Ingredients: organic goat’s milk, rennet, salt

The product is available from February to December (while stocks last).

100% organic certification codex: IT code CDX 057109 T003895

  • Silver medal at the 2005 Mountain Cheese Olympics for the fresh cheese category
  • 1st prize in the Fresh Goat category in the 7th edition of the Le Forme del Bio 2009 competition

Perenzin Dairy

The Perenzin dairy has been producing traditional cheeses for 4 generations and for more than ten years also organic cheeses, it was awarded a gold medal at the “Salon des Arts Ménagers” in Brussels in 1933.

The processes are handcrafted and are directly followed by Carlo Piccoli who has twenty years of experience gained throughout the supply chain: milk collection, processing, maturing, aging and direct sales to the public.

The knowledge acquired in recent years and having followed the training and refresher courses held by the leading national experts in dairy technology, have contributed to making Carlo one of the leading experts in artisan cheese production, he is also a “master taster of cheeses “with ONAF diploma.

Packaging, administration, sales and public relations are followed by Emanuela Perenzin, great-grandson of Domenico Perenzin founder, together with the children (including Valentino Angelo, grandfather of Emanuela) of the first dairy in the early 1900s in the locality of Tarzo, a few kilometer from the current headquarters built in 1958 and renovated in 1997.

The memory of the scent of milk milked just before harvest, the scent of freshly cut grass, dry hay, small stables … is a heritage that is still used in the many different processes that the dairy produces.

“We consider our cheeses as“ creatures ”- comments Emanuela Perenzin – and as such we rear them up to bring them to the right ripeness. The main ability of our company is to always know how to “invent” new cheeses, certainly innovative but also closely linked to the territory and local traditions. “

Passion, in-depth knowledge of all phases of work, study, research and experimentation have led Latteria Perenzin to be one of the first dairies in Italy in terms of the number of types of cheeses produced, with a heritage of over 50 recipes.

A careful hygienic control at all stages of processing guarantees the certainty of the healthiness of Perenzin cheeses.
Furthermore, a modern and innovative packaging system allows fresh products to last longer without the use of preservatives, as required for the best organic cheeses.
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