Figalét (Typical Sausage)


Product name, including synonyms and dialect terms

Liver and raisin sausage, figalét co l’uéta.

Territory interested in production

Foothills of the province of Treviso


The ‘figalets’ are a traditional product of the eastern foothills and the Marca Trevigiana, of very ancient origin. Their realization is remembered in the cookbooks of cook Martino, in the books of Savonarola, in those of Maffioli. They are special sausages, because they are produced using the pork liver flavored with spices. The use of spices has had variations conditioned by the tastes of different eras and food trends. Today the product is flavored with vin santo and raisins.

Product description

This sausage is very special as it is based on pork liver. The bitter taste of the liver is enhanced by the presence of sweet parts made up of dried grapes which can be found in vin santo. At one time, as an alternative, pieces of candied lemon or orange peel were inserted. It has an intense aroma, with the absence of abnormal odors, while on the palate it is full and harmonious, slightly bitter (with sweet points if in the version with raisins). When cut, it has a homogeneous distribution and proportion of fat and lean; it is dark red in color due to the presence of the liver.

Production process

Pork liver (25-30%), lean shoulder meats (35-30%) and pork belly (40%), without the rind, minced with 4 mm holes are used.
The dough is made in part with the use of a kneading machine but completed manually; it is flavored with 1.6 – 1.8 of (sea) salt and flavored with pepper and cinnamon scent. The raisins are added and they are found in the vin santo (for the specific type). After careful mixing, the mixture is stuffed into pork intestine. The bagging is done by machine while the binding is done by hand.
The dimensions of the spools vary in diameter from 2.5 to 3.5 cm and in length from 8 to 12 cm. Drying is done at a temperature of 11-13 ° C for one day.


In the production area, the product can be found directly at the producers or at some restaurants and farmhouses that promote traditional cuisine.


The ideal gastronomic pairing for figalet, cooked in a pan or roasted, is polenta, but it is also excellent for making rice on the wave (Venetian style).

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