Moesin of Fregona

Moesin of Fregona

Among the many Veneto cheeses, which are much more than one might imagine, the “Moesin” produced by the Dairy Agrimontana of Fregona, in the province of Treviso, stands out for its truly interesting characteristics.

The fact that the Dairy is located in a hilly area, on the road leading to the Cansiglio Plateau, rich in high pastures, already makes us understand the type of milk used to produce this cheese.

The “Moesin” is produced with pasteurized whole cow’s milk, with a semi-hard paste and is ready for consumption after 20 days of maturation, preserving its organoleptic and gustatory characteristics for at least two months. It is therefore a fresh, “dairy” type cheese, made with the milk of cows that graze for long periods outdoors in healthy areas, where the grass is rich in flowers and aromas.

This cheese, being similar to the traditional “dairy” and “Montasio”, has a circular shape, with a height of about 7 cm and a diameter of 30 cm. The two sides are flat and the side, that is the band that surrounds the form, is straight and the day and month in which it was produced are imprinted and the weight is on average around 6 kg. The rind is soft, smooth, thin, regular and elastic; the slightly straw-colored paste, compact when cut, with very few or no holes.

It is a pleasant, rather sweet cheese and is excellent in the two classic combinations of the Venetian tradition: “pan e formajo” and “polenta e formajo” and lends itself very well to being combined with vegetables in another traditional Venetian dish: “roots and formajo ”, as if to say that it is enjoyed with pleasure together with fresh vegetables.
The analyzes carried out on this cheese give the following results: 43% water; 30-50% fat; 21% protein.

The Agrimontana di Fregona dairy (a municipality also known for the production of the famous “Torchiato di Fregona”, which is an extraordinary “vin santo”) annually produces about 20 thousand forms of “Moesin” cheese, for a total of 1,260 quintals of cheese, highly sought after by those who love niche cheeses and, above all, quality cheeses, as is precisely the “Moesin” of Fregona.

Moesin has a soft, smooth, thin, regular and elastic rind. The paste is natural in color, slightly straw yellow, tender but compact when cut, very delicate, fragrant and with light holes. The flavor is delicate, sweet and pleasant. It reaches its optimum after 20-25 days of maturation in constantly refrigerated warehouses at 10-12 ° C, with a humidity of 80%.

Weight: 6 Kg.

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