Elixir Gambrinus

Elixir Gambrinus

Ancient family recipe from 1847

The ancient recipe of Elixir Gambrinus, the only liqueur in the world obtained from the aging of wine and custodian of the ancient traditions of the gravel “Terre del Piave”, is passed down from father to son. The recipe, the result of an error or of the craftsmanship, was handwritten in April 1847 by Giacomo, son of Giovanni Zanotto, in San Polo di Piave. Still secret and jealously guarded by two descendants of the family, it represents the spearhead of the Gambrinus liqueur factory. This historic family specialty involves the use of selected grapes of Raboso Piave, the native grape variety par excellence of the Marca Trevigiana, with a blend of infusions and exclusively natural substances. Then follows a long and articulated production process which includes different phases – maceration, drying, withering – over the course of five years spent in Slavonian oak barrels. It was initially called “Elixir d’Amòr”, due to the euphoria and vigor it gave, then it was called “Sangue de Raboso Piave”, due to its bright red color. The first labels, which date back to the early 1940s, bear the name in Venetian dialect, “Elesir de Vin Raboso Piave”. The product was put in small bottles and offered to friends; currently “Elisir Gambrinus” is sold in the best wine shops, in specialized shops and via the internet on the website www.gambrinus.it: the pride of Adriano Zanotto who made it known and appreciated internationally.

Liquor Elisir Gambrinus

It stands out for its bright color, deep ruby ​​red tending to garnet, with violet reflections. Improbably clear and consistent, the Elixir Gambrinus has a broad, pleasant and slightly pungent scent: the fruity and ethereal impact of morello cherry and wild blackberry is soon replaced by marc, the scent of hay and spiced vanilla. The taste is full of emotions, for everyone, because the flavor is sweet, harmonious, dry and is quickly released with force. Of the two initial versions, the one at 27 degrees has established itself, due to the sensation of heat that it manages to release, in addition to the persuasive, soft and sweet fruity aftertaste, in particular of cherry. Indelible.
An excellent digestive at the end of a meal, Elisir Gambrinus is the protagonist in a long series of aperitifs, long drinks and cocktails. Perfect if served very cold or with ice, it can also be tasted hot, in winter, as punch or as an invigorating and warming bombardino. Also endowed with a marked versatility both in the bar and in the kitchen, the Elisir lends itself to the preparation of desserts, such as the recipe recently patented by Zanotto: Terra trevigiana.

Territory interested in production

Province of Treviso and in particular the municipalities of San Polo di Piave, Cimadolmo and Vazzola.

Brief description of the product

Liqueur made from Raboso Piave wine, aged six years, with an alcohol content of vol. 27%. Raw materials used: Raboso Piave wine, cane sugar, Raboso Piave grappa, good taste alcohol and natural flavors.

Sensory characteristics

view deep ruby ​​red tending to garnet with violet reflections; smell – slightly pungent, initially fruity and ethereal impact (morello cherry and fruit), the pomace and the scent of hay soon take over; taste – sweet, full on entry, its bouquet is reminiscent of violet; aftertaste – the great “warmth” is flanked by the soft and sweet fruity which is replaced by a slight aftertaste of cherry.

Description of the processing, conservation and maturing methods

The liqueur is obtained by infusion from the aging of Raboso Piave wine and other raw materials in Slavonian oak barrels, bottled and sealed and marketed after a further period of aging in the bottle in a dark place at a constant temperature.

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