April 7, 1944 – 2024 : 80th anniversary of the bombing of Treviso

On Good Friday, April 7, 1944, Treviso was shocked by an Allied bombing raid that left a deep wound in the city’s memory.

About 400 American B-17 and B-24 bombers, escorted by fighters, dropped tons of bombs on the city, causing about 1,600 civilian casualties and the destruction of much of the built heritage. The historic center was devastated, with monuments such as the Cathedral, the Palazzo dei Trecento and the Municipal Theater severely damaged.

Alarm sirens sounded just before noon, but people, already tried by the war and previous bombings, had no time to find shelter. The bombs fell continuously for about an hour, sowing death and destruction.
The images of Treviso after the bombing were apocalyptic: collapsed buildings, streets full of rubble, lifeless bodies everywhere. The city had been razed to the ground.

The bombing of Treviso was a tragic event that marked the city’s history forever. But from the tragedy also emerged the strength and tenacity of the people of Treviso, who rolled up their sleeves and rebuilt their city, making it even more beautiful and stronger than before.
Here are some other significant details of the bombing:
The objective of the bombing was to hit the Treviso train station, an important logistical hub for the German army.

However, the bombs also fell on residential and civilian areas, causing a high number of innocent victims.
The bombing of Treviso was one of the most tragic events of World War II in Italy.
The city was awarded the Gold Medal for Civil Valor for its courage and tenacity during reconstruction.
This year as every year, on April 7, Treviso commemorates the victims of the bombing with an official ceremony. It is a time of recollection and remembrance, but also of hope for a peaceful future.

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