Auronzo and Calalzo triumph in the ‘Adopt a river, adopt a fish’ drawing competition

Over 400 votes from the popular jury during the three days of “Hunting, Fishing, Nature”

A total of 404 votes were cast for the ‘Adopt a stream, adopt a fish’ drawings by visitors to ‘Hunting, Fishing, Nature’ at Longarone Fiere Dolomiti. The project, set up by the Federation of Fishing Basins and the Fantastiche Dolomiti Foundation, and supported by the Province of Belluno, brought fishermen to explain their activities among the stalls and became a drawing competition aimed at children, who were asked to sketch the inhabitants of watercourses. The competition exhibited the 340 drawings made by the children. And left room for the public to vote.

The counting of the ballots carried out by the secretary and the president of the Federation (Claudio Canova and Filippo Sitran) had excellent results for the Cadore schools. The most voted drawing (with 30 votes) was from the fifth class of Auronzo, which was also the most voted class (with 48 votes). The school with the most votes (with 119 votes) was from Calalzo.

The prize for the most voted drawing will be a fishing guide for half a day offered by the Italian Fishing Guides Association at the Lagole pond in Calalzo di Cadore, and a voucher for catching two trout – also in the Lagole pond – offered by the Bacino di Pesca n. 4 – Associazione Pesca Sportivi Centro Cadore.
The first edition of the competition was much appreciated by the public and was very well attended by school children.

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