Cavallino Treporti, where the sea meets the lagoon

Do you love the “plein air” vacation? The ideal destination is Cavallino Treporti. All along the beach the resort is home to more than thirty equipped campsites and vacation villages where the gold of the sand blends perfectly with the green of the pine forest.

There are small facilities, where tranquility prevails, or you can always opt for the larger, livelier ones where, in addition to swimming pools, game rooms and wellness centers, there are also dance floors and stages for various performances.

The opportunities that Cavallino Treporti offers are suitable for families with children as well as for those looking for fun and also for those looking for relaxation: the watchword is always and in any case “outdoor tourism,” with all the necessary comforts.

It is really exciting to get lost in the small corners of paradise of this coastline where nature and history dialogue harmoniously: you can contemplate seagulls, herons, cormorants and egrets, observe the elegant pink flamingos or discover the fishing valleys where eels, sea bream and sea bass are raised.

Boat excursions make it possible to go as far as the mouth of the Sile, among the docks and the “peocere,” the typical mussel nurseries. While riding a bicycle you can explore the pine forest, perhaps sharpening your eyesight in search of some bird with peculiar plumage, or delve into the small lagoon villages rich in history.

To end the day on a high note, there is nothing better than to delight in an excellent dinner based on local products among which vegetables, the excellence that distinguishes Cavallino Treporti.

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