Centenary Italian enterprises: the third edition of the ‘Carpenè Malvolti’ graduation award starts

The initiative is part of the celebrations of Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023

After Parma 2020+21 and Procida 2022, the Unione Imprese Centenarie Italiane confirms its attention to young people and especially to the university world by establishing the third edition of the “Carpenè-Malvolti” Degree Award, an initiative included in the celebrations of Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023.

The degree award, worth €3,000 (three thousand), promoted in collaboration with the University of Brescia and the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Brescia Campus, will be financed by the historic sparkling wine producer Carpenè Malvolti of Conegliano, founded back in 1868, and is open to all students who have obtained a master’s degree in the period 2020-2023 (or equivalent according to the old system) at Italian universities.

The 2023 edition will be entitled ‘Le Imprese Centenarie: patrimonio storico, sociale e culturale’ (Centenary Companies: historical, social and cultural heritage): a theme that opens up reflections and insights into the world of the longest-lived entrepreneurship, not only able to stand the test of time (thanks to a perfect blend of tradition and innovation) but also to symbiotically bond with the territory of origin and belonging.
“Centenary Italian companies represent a heritage of history and knowledge to be passed on to new generations,” says Eugenio Alphandery, president of the Union of Centenary Companies. “The third edition of the ‘Carpenè-Malvolti’ Degree Award is part of a wide-ranging project to enhance the over-centenary business world, which then finds an ideal link with the cities designated Italian Capital of Culture each year.

“In the year in which Carpenè-Malvolti celebrates 155 years since its foundation,” says Domenico Scimone, “we are renewing our commitment to a Degree Award, devised together with the Union of Italian Centenary Businesses, to show further respect for the entrepreneurial and economic history of our country, which was determined through the farsightedness of many ‘visionaries’. These include Antonio Carpenè, founder of our company, who has always believed in the new generations and in the opportunity to promote and support their merit. It is therefore with the same intent – with which, moreover, Antonio Carpenè founded the first Oenological School of Italy in Conegliano as early as 1876 – that his heirs still continue in the furrow traced today, supporting training projects of excellence on a national and international level. Projects of which the Carpenè-Malvolti Degree Award – recognised on the occasion of the celebrations of the Italian Cities of Culture, such as Bergamo and Brescia – embodies one of the most prestigious expressions”.

Participants must register by the deadline of 31 JULY 2023 on the Unione Imprese Centenarie Italiane website at the following link: https://www.uicitalia.org/programma-centum/laurea.html, filling in the appropriate application form and attaching the required documents.

The “Carpenè Malvolti” Degree Award ceremony will be held in Brescia (venue, day and time to be defined) in October 2023.

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