Double international appointment for artisan gelato and Longarone Fiere Dolomiti

First edition of the “Copa de Oro” in Cordoba, Argentina with Afadhya and chocolate sorbet

In Berlin, the kick-off meeting of the GELATOn the ROAD project, Europe’s first walk dedicated to a food. A happy coincidence for artisan gelato this week and a double international appointment for Longarone Fiere Dolomiti.

On Wednesday 7 June in Cordoba, Argentina, at the FITHEP Expoalimentaria trade fair, the first edition of the ‘Copa de Oro’ will be held. Organised in collaboration with the Argentinean ice-cream makers’ association, AFADHYA, it will identify the best albiceleste ice-cream maker. Leading the jury to decide who will earn a trip to Italy to compete in the final of the Copa de Oro at MIG 2023, representing the Fair of Longarone, is the glacier chef Antonio Mezzalira: “We will definitely be looking for the best chocolate sorbet, the smoothest, the creamiest, the best ever.
At practically the same time, on 6 and 7 June, a representation of Longarone Fiere will travel to Germany, and more precisely to Berlin, for the official presentation and the first meeting between the partners of the GELATOn the ROAD project, financed by the European Commission through the ‘Creative Europe’ programme, which is starting off with the best auspices thanks to the very high score achieved.
We are talking about 14 partners, plus two associated partners, and 12 countries involved (Italy, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Luxembourg, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Spain, Poland Bulgaria).
Started on 1 April (and this is no joke), it will last 36 months and its ultimate aim is to set up the first ‘European Ice Cream Route’. One of its aims is to promote and preserve the cultural heritage and local identity of ice cream as an artisanal and quality product. To assist these objectives, as many artisan ice cream parlours as possible will be networked, thanks also to the development of an App dedicated to the route, the sites where you can eat good artisan ice cream and related events.
To further support the realisation and promotion of the European Ice Cream Route, there will be a Pop-up Museum, 12 special cooking shows and the active involvement of stakeholders in the production chain such as product and equipment companies, but also innovative start-ups.
In the three years of the project’s duration, up to 2025 therefore, there will be a fixed appointment in Longarone, hosted by MIG – Mostra Internazionale del Gelato, for a discussion and to plan future actions. To do the honours, there will also be the manager Alessandro Piccinini in Berlin.

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