EAT Veneto products amazed the world at Longarone Fiere

There was great satisfaction for EAT VENETO, a network of more than 40 companies in the food and wine-tourism supply chain that attended Dolomiti HoReCa on Monday 10 October and participated in the Buy Veneto dedicated to the mountains. The Veneto Region’s b2b matching programme, hosted by Dolomiti Show at Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, enabled them to present the ‘Taste Veneto’ food and wine tourism project to 21 international tourism buyers.

For the network companies such as Al Canevon of Valdobbiadene, Da Schio of Vicenza, Marocchesa of Mogliano Veneto and Salumificio Da Pian of Silea, the Longarone event was the first opportunity to initiate direct international business negotiations across a broad spectrum (Europe, USA, South America) aimed at selling experiential tourism products and in particular food and wine and cultural itineraries. Of the other companies in EAT VENETO, some participated in the online matching and others were represented by the partners, who were leaders in the project.
“Ours,” said Edi Sommariva, project manager of “Taste Veneto”, “wants to be an innovative project focused on authentic and engaging taste and stay experiences based on conviviality, sensoriality and originality, which bring back to food and good cuisine that fantastic part of the cultural, material and immaterial dimension of the Land of Venice. We would like to sincerely thank the President of Longarone Fiere Gian Angelo Bellati for the invitation to participate in this important event and Mauro Topinelli, Director of Dolomiti Show, for his precious assistance.
Combining the great food and wine heritage, with its numerous records, with the cultural and artistic heritage of the Veneto region was very stimulating for all the companies in the network: agricultural food producers, artisans and industrialists, restaurants, hotels, travel agents and service companies. Even the buyers they met were in awe of the proposals that the ‘seller’ companies presented, creating excellent conditions for their effective marketing.

Food and wine tourism is a great resource for the Veneto economy and has all the potential to develop further, both in terms of tourist and visitor numbers, expenditure, deseasonalisation of flows, and even product exports.

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