The Sbarai Oasis, a submerged forest at Lake Santa Croce

The Sbarai Oasis covers more than 30 hectares on the shores of Lake Santa Croce, in the municipality of Farra di Alpago. One of the main nature sites in the province of Belluno, it is a vast wetland with a number of different environments related to the lake’s changing water levels. This is an ideal wintering habitat for many species of birds such as the Little Grebe, Lapwing, Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler, Penduline Warbler, and even the Grey Heron, White Stork and Long-tailed Warbler.

The oasis is easily reached by walking along a level path where one can admire, among others, splendid specimens of white willow trees of monumental size. A stone’s throw from the area, the two rural villages of Bastia and Sitran are worth a visit, with typical local stone houses adorned with often carved portals.

Light boots are necessary due to the possible presence of small sections of muddy trail. The whole area of Lake Santa Croce is suitable for easy level walks and hikes, and birdwatching can be practiced, while Farra d’Alpago is a destination for many Nordic walking enthusiasts.

Not to be missed in Sitran is the famous bicycle tree, an almost century-old chestnut tree that has incorporated an old two-wheeler inside its trunk, so much so that it blends in with its branches.


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